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Cipher Configuration Tool (CCT)

Starting with R80.10 you can use the all new

Cipher Configuration Tool (CCT)

to control ciphers.

To enable the tool in Expert mode, do the following:

    1. Create a new file named vpn_cipher_priority.conf  in $CPDIR/conf
    2. Edit the vpn_cipher_priority.conf file to look like this:

4. Enable CCT by editing the registry key: # ckp_regedit -a SOFTWARE/CheckPoint/FW1 enable_cipher_configuration 1

        5. Push the policy to the relevant Security Gateway.

CTT works with:

  • GAIA WebUI
  • Mobile Access (SSL VPN)
  • DLPSenderPortal
  • UserCheck
  • NAC

Support for HTTPS Inspection is not included yet.

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