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Checkpoint appliance 2200 upgrade from r75.40 to r77.30

I need to upgrade the appliance 2200 from single FW  to Cluster and management resides on the same box. Existing fw is on r75.40 and new one is on r77.30. We cant have much downtime other than for swapping the box. The plan is to configure the new 2200 on r77.30 send it to the remote site and swap the hardware. Bring back the old 2200 and configure it as secondary and ship it out the remote site.

. I am not sure how to do replicate the config from old box to new one. Never done this before.

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Sounds like you're running a standalone 2200 on R75.40: Gaia or SecurePlatform?

For the cluster you are upgrading to, do you have a separate management server or is the management server for the new cluster also to be on the gateways (i.e. using a Full HA configuration)?

In general, you are going to use the Migration Tools for R77.30 on your existing R75.40 system.

Which exact tool will depend on whether your gateway is:

Gaia should be used for your new appliance.

You will use the migration tools on the new appliance to import the existing security configuration. 

The OS configuration will depend on whether you are already on Gaia (see Export / Import configuration / partial configuration in Gaia ) or on SPLAT (See Migration from SecurePlatform OS to Gaia OS)

For Full HA config, see also: How to install Full HA cluster on Check Point appliances 

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. It helps a lot. Answers to your questions below..

Yes I am using standalone 2200 on R75.40 with Splat.

The cluster I am upgrading to will have both Management server and firewall.

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