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Checkpoint Gateway CPU load issue R80.40

I have Checkpoint gateway for which I keep getting alerts for CPU load.

Alerts are generated by CheckMK tool. Current alert settings on tool = 5 for Warning, 10 for Critical. 

As per the tool, The CPU load is the average number of processes that are currently in the state "running". Do not mix this up with the CPU "utilization" (which measures the current usage of the CPU in percent).

I want to know how to check CPU load (NOT CPU utilization) on checkpoint Gateway and what should be the ideal setting for the CPU load when monitoring it.

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As with any monitoring tool you need to determine what the baseline is and monitor for deviations from said baselines.
CheckMK is not a tool I’ve heard about before this and never heard of anyone monitoring CPU load as described.


Sounds like it's just looking at the load average, which is a strong saturation signal for USE Method analysis. Specifically, if the load average is above the number of cores for a significant amount of time, it's a pretty good indication that you should throw more processor cores at the problem.

As for the OP's question of what number to watch for, that depends on the number of processor cores in the box. Fewer running processes than processor cores is fine. If you have more running processes than cores to run them, you get queueing. I'd set the warning threshold one lower than the number of processor cores on the box, and the critical threshold about 20% higher than the number of processor cores.


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