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Checkpoint Cluster - VPN Intermittent Issues

Hi All,

We have a checkpoint R80.20 cluster configured in one of our remote locations. We have IPSEC VPN configured to connect to that location. Intermittently we are facing issues in connecting to the remote location. In our office, we have different VLAN's where sometimes some VLANs can able to connect to the remote location but some VLANs cannot. The same was happening in the different branches too where we have IPSEC VPN connectivity for remote location.

Traffic is going out of our firewall but it is not reaching the peer firewall. No IPS or any network device exists before the firewall.

Recently we found the R80.20 cluster clock is not synced and having 3 minutes time delay.

My question is, are we facing intermittent VPN issues due to clock sync issue in cluster.

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For sure having your cluster members not synced time-wise is going to cause random issues.
VPN encryption keys are definitely time sensitive.


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