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Checkpoint 1450 configuration

Hi everyone


I wonder if someone could assist me. I have an office in Hong Kong which is running a 3200 appliance. They also have a 1450 which is currently offline but I'm looking to transfer the configuration from 3200 > 1450 as a temporary precaution.


The reason for this is that the 3200 has been constantly rebooting over the past 2-3 weeks and I'm looking for a back up incase it completely fails. Delivery of a new 3200 is still at least a month away so I need something in place in case it's needed.


I've put the following configuration together. Would someone mind going through this and check it all looks ok. I may do a failover test this weekend to make sure the config is right.


Appreciate your help



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The 3200 and 1450 utilize different operating systems (Gaia versus Embedded Gaia) and can potentially be managed in different ways.
There is no mechanism that I am aware of to automatically convert a configuration between a 3200 and a 1450.

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