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CheckPoint New Identity Collector Installation and remove Old IDC

Hi All,


We want to add new Identity Collector (IDC) to our CheckPoint Firewalls and remove the existing user Identity Collector (IDC) from Firewalls.

The reason is the current IDC is hosted on Window 2012 and we are going to decom that Window server.

We will install new IDC on new Window Server 2022.Then will add new IDC to Firewalls. After new IDC are successfully added to Firewalls, we will remove the old one.


Any area of impact we need to check/confirm before and after we remove old IDC from Firewalls? If IDC stop working , will that affect to all user because we are using IDC information in the Firewall Policy?

How can I check if the new IDC is really working or not via CLI or GUI?


Thank you so much, help me guide on this

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You do want to see that identities are populated properly from the new one, before fully decommissioning the old IDC



This might help you confirm things are working: 

Note that temporary interruptions with IDC should be ok since users are cached on the PDP for several hours (assuming the default configuration).


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