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Change management interface from access to trunk on virtual-system

Good day my friends, hope you're doing well and safe!


So, I've a two virtual-system installed on a pair of SG-2200 and based on first design proposed, I configured only four interfaces (eth1-eth4) as trunk, use eth5 as cluster sync and Mgmt as access (cluster and gateways access). For a new demand for this environment, I need to change configuration on Mgmt interface from access to trunk to permit to adding management traffic (monitoring, jump-off access, etc.). Can I switch virtual-system to off (set vsx off) and then, access GAIA Gui, modify Mgmt to trunk mode and turn on virtual-system on (set vsx on) and then, add virtual-switch to allow to add wrap interface linked with Mgmt interface?


Let me know if you need more details.


Thank you in advanced.


Keep safe.

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From what I understand, that is the correct process to follow to perform configurations that can't be done with VSX on.

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Not vsx expert at all, but what you wrote makes 100% sense to me anyway, but better get an official answer from TAC.

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Hi @sergioalimajr ,


It is very easy to make such change, what you need is only take care on switch side to be trunk port and then you just need to enable trunk check box under VSX object ==> physical interfaces.

Nothing should be done on GAIA as on VSX all configurations are done on SmartConsole beside of course bond configurations.