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Cannot Access Active Cluster Member via HTTPS/SSH Over VPN

I can access the MGMT interface of active and standby cluster members via ICMP over the VPN but not SSH or HTTPS. Their is an SMS that sits behind these GWs and I can reach the SMS via ICMP, SSH and HTTPS. As the SMS is on the same MGMT network as the GWs, I can also access the GWs ia ICMP, SSH and HTTPS (using telnet) from the SMS.


I'm aware of sk42695, sk42733 and sk93204 which could explain the behavior of the standby cluster member but it's odd that I'm able to ping both units. So I don't think any of those sk's apply plus I would expect to be able to access the active cluster member without issue. I also have a another 5100 cluster that works with the same configuration.


The firewalls logs show traffic being allowed, encrypted/decrypted and I don't see any drops via "fw ctl zdebug drop" on either cluster member. A packet capture also shows the SSH/HTTPS traffic ingressing eth1 where the VPN is terminated but I only see a SYN with no ACK or further traffic. There are no host restrictions per the statement "add allowed-client host any-host".


Any ideas on where I can look to troubleshoot further? I'm not seeing any noticeable in /var/log/messages.


GWs are running R80.20 JHF Take 87.

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