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Can I restore Snapshot Management from 80.10 to 80.40? and How about System Backup?

We want to upgrade checkpoint 5200 HA cluster. How to backup and restore? Which is first do for upgrade Active Device? or Standby device. How to backup by which methods? We want to restore the backup to upgraded device. What is best practice for us. THANKS

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Is the management on a separate device from the cluster or no?
In any case, you should be able to do an in-place upgrade with CPUSE, which will automatically take a snapshot you can restore to in case of failure.

Snapshots are only relevant to the exact same device model and cannot be restored on a different model.
In general, I recommend reviewing the Install/Upgrade guide for the various options/methods:


Thanks for your kindly reply.
We think our management is not separated. But We want to upgrade R80.10 to R80.40 version.

When we snapshot R80.10, can we restore the snapshot to our new version R80.40. Can we get some issues? or working fine.


Snapshots are a tool used to revert, not a tool for upgrading.
Again, please read the documentation I linked.
Also, specific to snapshots:

Not sure why you’re wanting to do it the way you’re describing versus just doing a CPUSE upgrade.
Can you please explain what you’re trying to achieve beyond just upgrading?


Now I understand about snapshot.

I am asking for to taking backup(before upgrade) and restore(after upgrade). I will use CPUSE upgrade.

I want to sure :

After upgrading our cluster, the old configurations, policy, and routing that will not be included in new version.

So, I want to restore our policy, routing and all configurations to our new version.

I want to know about complete backup method that able to restore at new version.

I really appreciate your suggestion. I am a newbie for checkpoint. Please kindly support me and kindly patient me.


You’re asking about two different, but related things.

When you do an in-place upgrade, all of the configuration comes with it except for any manually modified configuration files via the CLI.

For a backup/restore + upgrade option, refer to the documentation I linked to previously.
This is referred to as an “Advanced Upgrade.”
See also:


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