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CPU and Memory Kernel

Hi Checkmates,

As per my subject, anyone know what is the different CPU and CPU kernel? There is any impact if the CPU and CPU kernel is suddenly increasing? How we can mitigate this?

And the las question is what is main different of CPU and Memory in Check Point Firewall? Thanks!

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There are two different types of processes: those that run in the kernel, and those that run in userspace.
CPU levels are typically commensurate with the amount of traffic the gateway is passing.
To figure out exactly what’s causing the CPU to increase, we’d probably need (as a starting point) the output of the Super Seven commands:
Based on what those say, we can determine what needs to occur.

CPU and Memory are both needed for any computing platform to function.
You need a certain amount of both to be available to perform inspection on traffic.
To ensure I’m answering the question with the right context, please provide a screenshot that prompted the question.

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