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Block access to Exchange OWA but allow access to Exchange active sync


wasn't sure where to ask this so apologies in advance.

The customer has an audit finding as they allow access to Outlook Web Access to anyone on the Internet.

Basically firewall rule allowing https to an IP with a NAT.

They would  like to block e.g. but allow

Both use https. 

I know this can be achieved using Capsule Workspace and Mobile Access VPN but as they only have the default license this isn't an option.

Is there anyway to achieve this? 




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Your basic options are:

  • Mobile Access Blade (probably the best way to achieve this)
  • HTTPS Inspection + App Control/URL Filtering on the traffic coming to the OWA server (can bypass for everything else)

Of course, if your license is Firewall only, neither of these are options.

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