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Best Practices to upgrade cluster and sandblast TE

Hi All,


Have a good day.


I have a question about the best practices to upgrade a cluster xl and a sandblast TE appliance.

Currently we already done for upgrading management server from R80.20 to R81.10 and the rest left 2 cluster and 1 sanblast TE.

I already read installation and upgrade guide R81.10, but i still confuse what is the best method for this upgrade.

because my customer have a internet banking on the cluster inet fw, so i think this upgrade will be critical since on that cluster have a mobile access for IB, i need the best practices for use either CDT or i just upgrade each member as a independent security gateway.

Can anyone give me advice the best practice for upgrading cluster? which have a mobile access ( portal ) like internet banking.

and another thing is about the portal of mobile access is also change from R80.20 to R81.10, can i revert to the version of R80.20.

for sandblast TE, can i upgrade this via CDT? or i must upgrade via CPUSE.


If you still confuse about my question, please let me know.


Thanks Regards

Dio Aditya Pradana

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The best and reliable method is always CPUSE. Upgrade the device one by one and you should be fine.

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See Installation and Upgrade Guide R81.10 p.401ff for Zero Downtime Upgrade of a Security Gateway Cluster: Best Practice - Use the Central Deployment in SmartConsole. CDT does use CPUSE but works from Dashboard.

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