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Behavior of "Smart Connection Reuse" when applied for one connection passing two (vsx) firewalls?

Good morning everyone.

We have a situation within a customers environment where several TCP-connections between two communication-partners from one SrcIP to one DestIP:DestPort are passed over two Checkpoint Firewalls - hereinafter referred to as "A" and "B".

When the SrcIP sends a SYN-packet to open a new connection, some of these new connection attempts are getting dropped silently by the Firewall "A".

According to our past analysis - and as of my understandigs - the reason is as follows:
The first Firewall "A" is silently-dropping the SYN-packet because an entry to an already established connection (five-tuple) already exists and therefore matches in its connection table, while it does not receive a response on its initially started "Smart Connection Reuse" Feature.

As I understood so far: the Firewall "A" converts the SYN-packet into an ACK-packet in that process which is forwarded to the DestIP:DestPort to check if the already existing connection is still in use or not by awaiting either an ACK or a RST as a response.

Now as of the setup of our infrastructure: after the ACK-packet is leaving Firewall "A" it hits Firewall "B" first, before reaching the DestIP that is located behind that.

On Firewall "B" we could see that the ACK-packet passed through both of its (incoming and outgoing) interfaces. [As of my unterstanding, this indicates that an entry in Firewall "B's" connection table for the already existing five-tuple-connection must match there as well. Otherwise the ACK-packet would have been dropped with a log-message saying "first packet not SYN" that correct??...]

Further analysis showed that the DestIP answers with a RST-Packet back to Firewall "B", but Firewall "B" does not forward that RST-packet back to Firewall "A". Within these RST-packets we have noticed that mostly all of its "TCP-Parameters" - for example its Sequencenumber - equal NULL. [Could that be an issue leading Firewall "B" to not returning this RST-packet back to "A"? Like e.g.: "it is not able to sort/order this TCP-packet as response to the before passed ACK?"]

Meanwhile, the SrcIP does retransmit its former SYN-Packet twice, which just repeats the above illustrated process, and stops trying it after 7000ms passed by according to its local settings in the TCP-stack.

So right now we are focusing on the question:

  • How does the Smart Connection Reuse Feature exactly behave, when it applies for one (five-tuple) connection that is routed and passing over two checkpoint firewalls?

...and additional:

  • Is there already a solution for such scenarios that I am currently not aware of?

Thanks in advance for any further questions, answers and advices.




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Hello @MIDIziner ,

looks like a problem we had in the past. But not with two Check Point gateways, we saw this with Check Point and Cisco ASA in a chain. Smart reuse feature will be always problematic if you have more then one gateway in the chain. If the first one changes a SYN to something other the next gateway would normally block these.

Our solution was to disable smart use feature following "Smart Connection Reuse" feature modifies some SYN packets and clear the active connection table.