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BGP VTIs in load sharing setup

Hi I just want to consult if this setup would be possible ?

HO firewall will have a VPN site to site connection to Site A and Site B via route based VPN (VTIs over BGP). All firewalls are checkpoint devices.

HO firewall - Managed by our management server

Site A and Site B - Both managed by 3rd party mgmt server

Now here is the setup:

Site A ---> HO = Establish the VPN to the HO Primary ISP link

Site B ---> HO = Establish the VPN to the HO Secondary ISP link


Is this possible when the HO is in load sharing mode? Does the HO BGP peers will have 2 peers ?

First peer = HO VTI ----> Site A VTI (via primary ISP)

Second peer = HO VTI ----> Site B VTI (via secondary ISP)


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