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Application control and url filtering rules

Hi All

I have a quick question when using App control and url filtering on the firewall.

Under the application control layer, for example if I add facebook, is that all I need to do? 

Under the security blade, would I need to create a rule for the internet to anywhere on 80/443 first? or would the app rule do this for me?


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What are you trying to do?  Give access to FB to only a group of people?  Block Facebook?  Remove the option for uploads?  There are a lot of options depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Facebook apps.png

If you already have an internet outbound rule towards the internet, it then look at the App/URL blade after that accept.  So yes 80/443 would the absolute least required but as you see in screenshot, sometimes it will be other ports needed..

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In an ordered layer scenario the HTTPS/HTTP traffic would need to be accepted first.

Refer also:

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