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Appliance or VSEC VE

Hi ,

I have openserver firewall (R60) and would like to upgrade to R80.10 . the current firewall is internet facing firewall and I would like to enable NGTX blades and web filtering as well .

I unable to use #cpsizeme script because of old version of OS and open-server environment .I also have VSEC VE license which I can use it for this deployment but I would like to choose the right product ( Appliance or VSEC VE ) for this deployment .

400 users (end-point )

5 site to site VPN


15 connected network 

Could you help  me to choose right product .

Thanks in advance for your help .

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What's the throughout of your Internet connection?

That's probably going to be your limiting factor.

Your existing Open Server license can be traded in for whatever option you choose.

What SKU is your VE license? This may also need to be traded in depending on the vintage.

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Hi Mate ,

Internet Connection : 300 Mbs 

What do you recommend VE or appliance ? what model of appliance ?

We purchased the VE last week for different scope but I can use it for this priority project .

Cheers ,


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Assuming it's a perimeter gateway, I would go with an appliance to provide protection for your VM farm.

Based on the limited information you provided, the minimum appliance I would go with is a 5600, which does give you some room to grow.

If you have specific interface requirements, or there are significant internal traffic flows through this gateway, that might change the appliance recommendation. 

If you're going to go with VE (what we now call CloudGuard IaaS, or more recently vSEC), I would opt for a 4 core VM, which also gives some room to grow.

Again, if there are significant internal traffic flows through this gateway, that might change this recommendation.

You may also want to consider acquiring both options.

Of course, you should run all of the above (with more detail about your environment) by your Check Point SE, who should be able to provide a more precise recommendation.

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I think the best thing to do is to use the CP Appliance Sizing Tool

Three further points to ponder:

- i would go for HA Clustering the GW appliances

- i would use appliances with two PSUs each

- i would use a virtualized (VM) SMS

CCSE / CCTE / CCME / CCSM Elite / SMB Specialist

Keep in mind. There is no sane upgrade path from R60 to R80.10.

It is faster to take the network drawing and build a new policy.

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I love it -"sane"... IE: not in your right mind, nor in this physical or ethereal realm.

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Just to prove the point, here's what the Upgrade Wizard says:

This does not include the steps to get to R65, which I think you can do from R60, but that's merely a guess.


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