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Appliance model from CLI and dmidecode with full model list

You can find many models in the article sk37692.  I have added my list of the last 20 years, which might not be found in the SK.

If you have other dmi codes, I would be happy if you could add them.


Here are the commands to display the models:
# dmiparse System Product

# ipsctl -a | grep modelname

> show asset hardware
> show asset system
# dmiparse System Product
> system_info System Information

# /usr/sbin/dmidecode |grep "Product Name"


Appliance UTM-1

U-40-00                        UTM-1 3070 Appliance

U-30-00                        UTM-1 2070 Appliance

U-20-00                        UTM-1 1070 Appliance

U-15-00                        UTM-1 570 Appliance

U-15-01                        UTM-1 570 Appliance

U-10-00                        UTM-1 270 Appliance

U-5-00                          UTM-1 130 Appliance

T-180-00                       UTM-1 4800

T-160-00                       UTM-1 4600

T-140-00                       UTM-1 4400

T-120-00                       UTM-1 4200 2012 Appliance

T-110-00                       UTM-1 2200 2012 Appliance

C6P_UTM                      UTM-1 2050 Appliance

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