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Appliance model from CLI and dmidecode with full model list

You can find many models in the article sk37692.  I have added my list of the last 20 years, which might not be found in the SK.

If you have other dmi codes, I would be happy if you could add them.


Here are the commands to display the models:
# dmiparse System Product

# ipsctl -a | grep modelname

> show asset hardware
> show asset system
# dmiparse System Product
> system_info System Information

# /usr/sbin/dmidecode |grep "Product Name"


Appliance UTM-1

U-40-00                        UTM-1 3070 Appliance

U-30-00                        UTM-1 2070 Appliance

U-20-00                        UTM-1 1070 Appliance

U-15-00                        UTM-1 570 Appliance

U-15-01                        UTM-1 570 Appliance

U-10-00                        UTM-1 270 Appliance

U-5-00                          UTM-1 130 Appliance

T-180-00                       UTM-1 4800

T-160-00                       UTM-1 4600

T-140-00                       UTM-1 4400

T-120-00                       UTM-1 4200 2012 Appliance

T-110-00                       UTM-1 2200 2012 Appliance

C6P_UTM                      UTM-1 2050 Appliance

C6_UTM                        UTM-1 1050 Appliance

C2_UTM                        UTM-1 450 Appliance

Appliance 2012

G-50                             Appliance 21400

G-70                             Appliance 21600

G-72                             Appliance 21700

G-75                             Appliance 21800

P-380-00                      Appliance 13800        

P-370-00                      Appliance 13500

P-231-00                      Appliance 12600

P-230-00                      Appliance 12600

P-220-00                      Appliance 12400

P-210-00                      Appliance 12200


PB-05-00                     Appliance 3100

PB-10-00                     Appliance 3200

PB-15-00                     Appliance 5100

PB-20-00                     Appliance 5200

PL-10-00                     Appliance 5400

PL-20-00                     Appliance 5600

PL-30-00                     Appliance 5800

PL-40-00                     Appliance 5900

PH-20-00                    Appliance 15400

PH-30-00                    Appliance 15600

PD-10-00                    Appliance 23500

PD-20-00                    Appliance 23800


P-30-00                       Power-1 11000

P-20-00                       Power-1 9070 Appliance

P-10-00                       Power-1 5075 Appliance

P-10-00                       Power-1 5070 Appliance


S-10-00                        Smart-1 5

S-20-00                        Smart-1 25

S-21-00                        Smart-1 25B

S-30-00                        Smart-1 50

S-40-00                        Smart-1 150

ST-5-00                        Smart-1 205

ST-10-00                      Smart-1 210

ST-25-00                      Smart-1 225

ST-50-00                      Smart-1 3050

ST-150-00                    Smart-1 3150

U-40-00                        Smart-1 3070

ST-105-00                    Smart-1 405

ST-110-00                     Smart-1 410

ST-425-00                     Smart-1 525

ST-4050-00                   Smart-1 5050

ST-4150-00                   Smart-1 5150


T-181-00                       TE250

P-231-00                       TE1000

P-371-00                       TE2000

TT-10-00                       TE100X

TT-20-00                       TE250X

TT-30-00                       TE1000X

TT-40-00                       TE2000X


U-31-00                         IPS-1 2076

P-11-00                          IPS-1 5076

P-21-00                          IPS-1 9076


P-22-00                          DLP-1 9571

U-42-00                          DLP-1 2571

41K/ 44K/ 61K /64K

A-20                              SGM-220 - 41K/ 61K

A-40                              SGM-240 - 41K/ 61K

A-60                              SGM-260 - 41K/ 61K

IP (Nokia)

Elephant                          IP150

Kenai                               IP280

Kenai                               IP290

Trooper                           IP380

Hoplite                             IP390

Caesar                            IP530

Gladiator                          IP560

Janus                               IP690

Phalanx                            IP1280

Phalanx                            IP2450


P-20-00                            Connectra 9070

U-40-00                            Connectra 3070

U-10-00                            Connectra 270


L-50                                 Security Gateway 80

L-50                                 Check Point 600

S2 (SMB)                         Check Point 700

L-50                                 Check Point 1100

L-61i                                Check Point 1200R

S1 (Enterprise)                 Check Point 1430 / 1450

S2 (Enterprise)                 Check Point 1470 / 1490

L-71                                 Check Point 1430/1450
L-71W                              Check Point 1430/1450 WiFi
L-72                                 Check Point 1470/1490
L-72W                              Check Point 1470/1490 WiFi
L-72P                               Check Point 1470/1490 PoE


SA-UW1 (OS)                   UNIVERGE UnifiedWall 1000





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A-40 is 41k chassis 

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Some more old school here!

IP380 - Trooper

IP530 - Caesar

hahaha IP530... ! do you have IP440 too by any chance? we had on one of those 1800+ days uptime.. indestructible Smiley Happy shame I can't find that screenshot anymore

Sorry, I don't have those around. But I can offer another bonus:

serv1:/# uname -a
SunOS serv1 5.8 Generic_117350-14 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2
serv1:/# uptime
12:01pm up 1373 day(s), 21:43, 1 user, load average: 0.04, 0.12, 0.09

serv1:/# fwm ver
This is Check Point SmartCenter Server NG with Application Intelligence (R55) HFA_20, Hotfix 848 - Build 001

serv2:/# uname -a
SunOS serv2 5.8 Generic_108528-27 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10
serv2:/# uptime
12:17pm up 1211 day(s), 23:25, 1 user, load average: 0.07, 0.04, 0.04

serv2:/# fwm ver
This is Check Point SmartCenter Server NG with Application Intelligence (R55) HFA_20, Hotfix 848 - Build 001

   those were the days....

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I mean this output is from today...

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Thank you, I put them on the list.

My favorite is the "UNIVERGE UnifiedWall 1000", which I had in my fingers in 1999 or 2000???

I also added them to the list once: -)



Let's start a battle with the oldest dmi codes!



I checked that out on a 61K. I think these are the SGM's:

A-20                              SGM-220

A-40                              SGM-240

A-60                              SGM-260

Maybe someone else can check it on a 44K/64K. Unfortunately I haven't had it in my hand yet. We can ask at the Check Point R&D:smileyhappy:




Interesting factoid: I was the first in the Nokia TAC back in the day to actually have Nokia-branded IP440s (everyone else at the time had the old black Ipsilon boxes).

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Makes me want to start a new thread: Show me your oldest Check Point "fw ver" and uptime from said box Smiley Happy

start a thread "story from back in the day.." I'm sure many will have some fun thing to say 


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I send you 64K codes.


weren't the Crossbeams A00x or something depending on the "X" chassis?

...or do we not talk about those days?

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Don't forget  C-series! I just overheard that somewhere out there X80s running R65 will be upgraded.. Smiley Happy

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Had those things in the past in my hands, too.

Please send me the dmi code.

Thank you in advance!


I have an update for you... I found several IP400 appliances in the network:

CPU Model: Pentium-III w ATC
CPU MFR: GenuineIntel
CPU Frequency: 598625298
Memory: 268435456
Disk 0 Capacity: 20576MB
Platform: IP400
Bios Vendor: Intel Corp.
Bios Version: 4S4EB2X0.86A.00
Bios Date: 09/27/1999
Motherboard Revision: AA754558-303
Motherboard Model: SE440BX-2

hw:motherboard:modelname = SE440BX-2

fw[admin]# uname -a
IPSO fw 3.7.1-BUILD020 releng 1299 02.09.2005-020308 i386
fw[admin]# uptime
12:37PM up 1243 days, 22:07, 1 user, load averages: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
fw[admin]# fw ver
This is Check Point VPN-1(TM) & FireWall-1(R) NG with Application Intelligence - Build 315

Hahahaha! Brings memories..

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44k should be the following SGM (SGM400):

Base Board Information
Manufacturer: Check Point
Product Name: MIC-5342
Version: CP-mbs-4.0


Nice Info @HeikoAnkenbrand! Thanks.

I would like to know why Check Point uses so many different names and nomenclatures for their equipment? So far I have found that they handle the following :
- Product name
- Model
- Platform
- Marketing Name

This generates a lot of confusion within the customers, since you sold them a specific model, let's say Appliance 3600, but when they receive the equipment they find that in the physical equipment there is no model 3600 anywhere, but they find a totally unknown model even for some partners (QB-10 in this case).

I know that there is the sk37692, but I think there should be an exclusive one where they match the commercial name (the one we all know) vs the physical model that finally reaches the customer.

PS. Sk37692 has not yet updated the Quantum Spark models (1530, 1550, 1570, 1590, 1600, 1800).

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