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Age of "fw monitor"?

Does anyone remember in what precise Firewall-1 code version the fw monitor tool was introduced?  The earliest reference I could find was version 4.0 here at @PhoneBoy's old Firewall-1 FAQ mailing list here:

However I have admittedly hazy memories of using it in 3.0b for some reason, perhaps it was around then but just not documented?  This might be a question only Gil can answer.  Thanks!

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More of a @Dorit_Dor question 🙂

I have a note in the first version of my book about fw monitor usage that mentions IPSO 3.3 and later because of the issue with a precursor to SecureXL called Flows.
I believe that corresponded to FireWall-1 4.0.
It could have very well existed before that, at least in some variants. 
The code also existed in the earliest versions of SecuRemote.

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