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After upgrade of cluster member from R80.30 to R81.10 Gaia not available


I have a 5600 appliance cluster with two members FW-1(stdby) & FW-2(active). After upgrading the standby member FW-1 I loose access to the Gaia interface. I need to regain this access to finish the Jumbo patches upgrade and then want to fail over to the newly upgraded member so I can upgrade the other member.

I can shell into the newly upgraded member from Smartconsole and it shows upgrade and reboot was successful.

Why is the Gaia not available and or more importantly how do I regain access to the Gaia? 

Thanks in advance for anyone's guidance with issue!

Ken T.

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Do you access it on port 443 or custom port? Confirm what policy is on the fw, because if fw stat shows initial policy, that would be the reason. If thats the case, run fw unloadlocal, try again and if that works, then apply the actual policy from dashboard.

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Did you follow the instructions for mvc when upgrading?

Also, we have blink images you can use in the future to install the major version and jumbo in one attempt.


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