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Advice on installing replacement licenses to double the number of licensed CORES on a FW cluster

Hey everyone, hope you are all well.

Background for this query is we have a clustered Active/Passive pair of R0.30 firewalls currently Centrally managed for 4CPUs.

We have already been to CheckPoint and traded the 4 Core licenses in for replacement 8 Core licenses. 

I now need to get round to adding the new licenses to the Manager and applying it cluster. I need to make sure the firewalls continue to process traffic when applying the new licenses.

I'm not clear whether any rebooting is required to get the firewalls to light up the new cores?

I am guessing that it will allow me to apply the 8 core licenses along side the 4 core licensed and then will just spawn some additional fw_workers straight away. I can then safely remove the old 4 core license?

But its only a guess!

Can anyone advise?

Many thanks


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