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Whether your organization is a subject of some of the numerous compliance regulations, or you just want to make sure you adhere to Check Point Best Practices when managing your security policies, Compliance Software Blade is your tool.

Compliance Blade ATRG describes all aspects of the tool, from basic settings and capabilities, to advanced operations and troubleshooting. 

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SNMP stands for Simple Network Monitoring Protocol, but in fact it is not so simple. If you are looking for SNMP Best Practices, we have just the document you need

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Check Point's comprehensive Threat Prevention solution helps protect networks from today's sophisticated malware and cyber-attacks. 

But once an attack or malware incident is identified and prevented, what are you going to do next? Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I investigate if a host is truly infected?
  • What is the nature of the threat?
  • Are there additional infected hosts in my network?

Threat Prevention Software Blades can help you with finding answers. For more information, refer to SecureKnowledge article sk100633.

Documentation available there for download will help you to identify, investigate, review and re-mediate security incidents related to the Threat Prevention events.

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In R77.x and earlier versions, it was possible to migrate a standalone gateway (management + firewall on same appliance) to a distributed configuration (where gateway and management are on different appliances).
Thanks to @Jim_Oqvist and @Dima_M, we now have a supported procedure for this on R80.x: sk154033: How to migrate R80.x standalone management environment to a distributed environment

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Are you looking for some guidance to tune up your IPS? We have just what you need: IPS Best Practices Guide.

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Arguably the best way to deploy a large scale Identity Awareness is to use Identity Collectors.

This SecureKnowlegde Technical Overview article covers various aspects of Identity Collector deployment: benefits, use cases, integration scenarios, requirements, sizing, monitoring, and much more.  

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Hi CheckMaters!

This week we feature our new SecureXL ATRG article. As you know, SecureXL has got a significant overhaul in R80.20. The new ATRG covers R80.20 and R80.30 versions. To master the technology, add it to your bookmarks.

Note: The article requires Advanced access and may not be available fully for new UserCenter accounts.

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Are you looking for a tool to visualise your Security Management Server database, security objects and policy rulebases? 

The instrument you are looking for is called Show Package Tool, and it is available on every Security Management Server from R80 and up.


For more details, look into this SecureKnowledge Article.

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Whether you are just planning to start with CloudGuard SaaS deployment, looking for user, admin, and integration guides, or in need of some troubleshooting tips, go to CloudGuard SaaS Onboarding Page on SecureKnowledge.

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If you are looking for NSX compatible software defined micro-segmentation security solution, read into this SecureKnowledge article for guidance.

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