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To challenge today's malware landscape, Check Point's comprehensive Threat Prevention solution offers a multi-layered, pre-infection and post-infection defense approach and a consolidated platform that enables enterprise security to deal with modern malware:

  • Threat Emulation
  • Threat Extraction
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Virus

Each Threat Prevention Software Blade gives unique network protections and they can be combined to supply a strong malware solution.

To get more information of each of the Blade's implementation tuning and troubleshooting, go to Threat Prevention Advanced Technical Reference Guide (ATRG)

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If you are heavily using VPNs, both IPsec and SSL based, you may need to tune your Security Gateways for better performance. This SecureKnowledge article provides general performance guidelines for working with VPN.

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R80.20 and R80.30 bring quite a few improvements and changes in security and network acceleration for Check Point Security Gateways.


To stay up to date, refer to SecureXL for R80.20 and R80.30 Advance Technical Reference Guide (ATRG).

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The Check Point Falcon Acceleration Cards provide a high performance, low-latency, flexible and scalable solution for Check Point 5900, 6800, 15000, and 23000 appliances.

Do you want to learn more? Start here!

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Arguably, performance tuning is the most challenging task with modern security systems.

This SecureKnowledge article is your ultimate guide for Check Point Security Gateway Performance Optimization.

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Robust recovery plan is paramount for day to day maintenance security operations. Backups are part of this plan. Which particular backup tool to use? What are the implications, limitations and benefits? All the answers are under Best Practices - Backup on Gaia OS SecureKnowledge article.

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Early detection of any issues and overall health check is part of routine maintenance tasks. Gaia health check script provides an automated method for performing system checks on any Check Point installation for R77 and up. 

Feel free to add it to your list of useful tools. 

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Check Point Update Service Engine (CPUSE), also known as Gaia Software Updates [Agent], is an advanced and intuitive mechanism for software deployment on Gaia OS, which supports deployments of single Hotfixes (HF), of Hotfix Accumulators (HFA), and of Major Versions. For the comprehensive information about this tool, refer to the corresponding SecureKnowledge article.

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Integrating Office 365 and CloudGuard SaaS can be a challenge.


This SecureKnowledge article provides step by step instructions for configuring Office 365 and Centrify with CloudGuard SaaS Authentication Service.

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Health monitoring of your security system is paramount for day to day operations. This SecureKnowledge article provides you a comprehensive guide for configuring SNMP on Gaia OS. 

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