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Deploying Identity Awareness in a large scale might be a challenge. 

This SecureKnowledge article provides best practices guidelines for deploying Identity Awareness in large-scale deployments that include either a large number of users (>2,000), a large number of Domain Controllers (>20), or multiple sites.

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Considering Azure deployment and need some guidance? Read this SecureKnowledge article explaining following a reference architecture of a Check Point Security Gateway protecting assets in an Azure virtual network.




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Did you know it is now possible to use FQDN Domain Objects in R80.x Security Policies? SecureKnowledge article sk120633 explains both classic and FQDN modes for Domain Objects, and provides further references: How To, Best Practices, etc.

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Central Deployment Tool (CDT) is a utility that runs on Security Management Servers and Multi-Domain Management Servers running Gaia OS.

This utility lets you manage deployments of software packages from your Management Server to multiple managed Security Gateways and cluster members at the same time:

  • Installation of software packages
  • Perform various actions - take snapshots, run shell scripts, push/pull files, and so on
  • Automate the RMA backup and restore process


For better understanding of CDT's purpose, scenarios, capabilities and limitations, refer to sk111158 

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Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade is the safe and easy solution to connect to corporate applications over the Internet with your Smartphone, tablet or PC.

The solution provides enterprise-grade remote access via both Layer-3 VPN and SSL VPN, allowing you simple, safe and secure connectivity to your email, calendar, contacts and corporate applications.

For better understanding of the technological principles of this solution, it's architecture, traffic flow, dependencies, requirements and troubleshooting techniques, read Mobile Access Blade ATRG SecureKnowledge Article.

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Looking forward to becoming a master of Identity Awareness? 


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When VPN tunnel establishment fails on IKE negotiation, "site is not responding error" may mean different things. SecureKnowledge Article Troubleshooting "site is not responding" Issues describes twelve different scenarios when this message can appear and provides advanced guidance on how to resolve them.

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Most of you have heard already about our new ground breaking product: Check Point Maestro Hyperscale .


But did you know we already have a SecureKnowledge article about it? It describes the solution and provides you references to its Maestro documentation, downloads, guides and notes, and further resources. 

Whether you have decided using this technology already or are just curious, add sk138233 to your bookmarks. 

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Do you want to know how Check Point IPS works? What's its architecture, structure, logic of operations, CoreXL dependencies? How to troubleshoot it the most effectively?

All these topics are discussed in IPS Advanced Technical Reference Guide

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This week we feature yet another Advanced Technical Reference Guide - Gaia Embedded Appliances

The article references all appliance product pages, describes troubleshooting and monitoring techniques, and lists other SecureKnowledge articles that might be useful when working with SMB appliances.  

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