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How to disable "command auditing" in Scalable Platform versions (R76SP.XX, R80.20SP)?

For consistent CLI output analysis after switching between users in CLI, we need to disable the "Command auditing" feature but cannot find how. Is it possible?The feature is described in the attached guide page 178.

R80.20SP released

As of yesterday (28th of February), R80.20SP has been released.More information can be found here: sk140392Interesting SK's apart from the normal documents that get released upon a new version:- Comparison between R80.20 and R80.20SP -&n...

Will SP code ever get migrated into main R80.x code train?

As our environment grows, I become more and more interested in the different Scalable Platform / chassis options that Checkpoint offers.  The idea intrigues me a bit for quickly and easily growing as we need more processing power.  I lov...

How can I find hotfix take installed on my 61000?

Hi CheckMates!I've been trying to figure out a consistent way to collect the hotfix take for the Hotfix Accumulator installed on my 61000.Some of my chassis are running R76SP40 (Yes..I know it's old) and R76SP50.Dameon Welch-Abernathy‌ I...
support_suppor1 inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎02-15-2019 04:41:38 AM
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SGM randomly reboots

Hi,Anyone experiencing the same issue? We have a dual chassis setup. We did not notice that the SGM reboots before applying the hotfix. After applying the HFA_105, the SGM reboots randomly without any error. We already raised this to TAC but so fa...
Benoit_Verove inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎02-12-2019 03:56:34 PM
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Scalable platform and support plans

Hi,I'm working on a project involving 44k platforms. The customer would like to have a direct access to the TAC with onsite replacement.The PREMIUM support plan with the ONSITE option could fit his needs.Since the remplacement of a 44K is much mor...
Sean_Van_Loon inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎02-12-2019 03:40:17 PM
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Factory default SGM

Hi all,An easy question where I did not find a solution for, but know it exists.How do you factory reset a SGM? The goal is to erase the config, so you can start rebuilding the chassis from scratch.For the SSM I know you have to run "system reload...
Enkh-Amar_Batno inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎02-02-2019 02:47:07 AM
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Maestro Presentation file.

Hello, How can i get Maestro Hyperscale presentation file?Kind Regards, Amaraa
ahmed_bousta inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎01-31-2019 07:06:55 PM
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upgrade R76SP.30 to R76SP.50

hello evry one i want to upgrade dual chassis 41000 run actualy R76SP.30 to R76SP.50 because R76SP.30 is end of life .my output :[Global] FW-VSX-ch01-01:0:ACTIVE > asg stat -v ---------------------------------------------------------------...
ahmed_bousta inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎01-31-2019 07:04:39 PM
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upgrade R76SP.50 + HTF

Hello we have upgrade our chassis K41 to R76SP50 + HTF on the chassis1 and chassis2  at the end of the upgradewhy there is a difference in the build version between chassis 1 and chassis 2:chassis 1 SP50 Build 068chassis 2 SP50 Build 092...
Alex_Gilis inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎01-31-2019 07:00:58 PM
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Next R76SP.50 Jumbo hotfix?

Take_105 dates back from November, any idea when the next one might be released?Running on Take_96 but would like to avoid to make two upgrades in a short time if the next one will be available soon.
Sergio_lopez inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎01-10-2019 04:14:31 PM
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cpu utilization history

Hello Guys, someone knows how to get a history of CPU utilization on the 76sp.50?, since monitoring blade is not supported, and also only have the information of one of the SGMs.
ahmed_bousta inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎12-21-2018 03:39:11 PM
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R76SP.30 to R76Sp.50 chassis 41

Hello could you please tel me if we can  do this upgrade since the management server if yes could you please give me the link for helpbest regards
ahmed_bousta inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎12-14-2018 02:57:18 PM
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prepare upgrade R76SP.30 to R76SP.50 need rollback procedure

i prepare  the upgrade Bond interfaces that are not connected to any Virtual System, should be deleted from the topology before the upgrade procedure."Make sure that all SGMs and SSMs are up to date and that the system is configured corr...
ahmed_bousta inside Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k) ‎12-12-2018 09:20:42 AM
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upgrade VSX R77.30

hello,i want to upgrade 2 chassis  41000 that run R76SP.30 for a new version R77.30 ( i'm not sure )in this chassis there is more  than  8 clusters run R77.30 version  .1) i want to konw with whish vesrsion can i upgrade this c...