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What's New Quantum Spark 1900/2000 Appliances TechTalk: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides are available below the QA, which is below the session video:

Can you connect to a Quantum Spark via REST API?

SMP has an API: 
Embedded Gaia also has an API (although different from regular Management/Gaia API): 

What is the timeframe to enable the WAN B (future use) on the 1800 series?

Not in the immediate plans. Please contact your local Check Point office.

Is there with R81.10.10 a virtual image version?

Not that is publicly available. We do make a Quantum Spark demo environment available via TechPoint (available to Check Point employees and partners).

For the rack-mount Spark appliances, which direction is the air flow?

Front to back

Is there roadmap for Quantum Spark to support SAML (via Azure AD/Entra ID) for Remote Access VPN?

Currently planned for Q2 2024 release (subject to change).

Is it possible to run SD-WAN with management locally and without the use of any cloud service?

Yes, as of R81.10.10 firmware. It include

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