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Same network


I have check point 600 appliance.

In addition I have a home router to which it is connected.

When you connect to the home router's WIFI environment I get a 10.0.0.X address
And when I connect to an environment connected to Check Point, I get 10.0.1.X
I cannot configure Check Point to be part of the topology and continue to distribute the equipment after the segment continues.
I just want an endpoint connected to the Check Point cable for example to receive 10.0.0.X.
The Check Point requires me to separate the networks.
Is it possible to let him continue the router's address?
Or, for example, restrict the router to X address and then continue with Check Point.
For example
The router:
Check Point: -

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Only way you can maintain the same IP space is to run your device in Bridge Mode.
This would mean all IPs would be assigned by the home router and not the 600.
However, this may limit the functionality of the 600 as some features are not supported in Bridge Mode.
For what purpose is the 600 being used here?
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Just as Firewall, I trying to make the CP as bridge and when i try its show me error massage: IP Address Is in the subnet exiting network

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