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SMP Upgrade/Migration

Hi all,

According to sk117544, the only upgrade path for anyone that’s currently running SMP R12.11 on-prem (with a relatively small # of gateways) is to move to the cloud SMP:



Why do we recommend the cloud SMP for smaller environments? Also, do we have any tools to assist in a migration from on-prem to cloud?

Thank you!

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The on-prem SMP product was originally developed by Sofaware a couple of decades ago for Safe@/UTM-1 EDGE appliances.
It runs on now legacy versions of Windows OS and Check Point code, which creates some obvious maintenance/stability challenges.

Most of our focus/efforts have been on improving the Cloud-based SMP service, which is the most appropriate solution for the majority of our customers.
Transitioning from on-prem SMP to Cloud-based SMP is something many customers have done, both large and small.
Please open a TAC case and you will be guided through the process. 

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