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SMB firmware from CLI

It is obvious that we can manually install firmware versions from WebGUI, but what about CLI ?

You can display the 3 firmware version stored using show diag or as shown here: SMB Backup firmware version from CLI

Online update is possible if you run the following commands online in expert mode (sk141512):
# /opt/fw1/bin/fw check_available_firmware
# /opt/fw1/bin/fw download_firmware
# /pfrm2.0/bin/

An upgrade from CLI is also possible offline (sk143274): Copy the image to the /storage directory (using WinSCP) and run (from Expert mode):
# /storage/%FILENAME% upgrade safe

And if nothing is possible anymore, even USB fails, we have - voilà - Gaia Embedded Boot Menu ! Reboot with console connected, wait until Hit 'Ctrl + C' for boot menu appears, and you see:

Welcome to Gaia Embedded Boot Menu :
1. Start in normal Mode
2. Start in debug Mode
3. Start in maintenance Mode
4. Restore to Factory Defaults (local)
5. Install/Update Image from Network


5. will load a firmware fw1*.img or u-boot.bin boot-loader file from a BOOTP or tftp server.

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