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SMB's and SME's are facing security challenges. The threat landscape is changing. Today I would like to discuss 5 topics. And I am eager to find out your opinion on the matter.

1. The Work from home realm

Now post-COVID the WFH (Work From Home) realm poses challenging security risks. How to address and to maintain good security practice on personal owned devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones? BYOD, Bring Your Own Device is changing to SYOD, Secure Your Own Device. 😉

 2. Geo-targeted phishing attacks

Phishing attacks will still be a very lucrative business for attackers. Many people are still lured into clicking on malicious URL’s. It is predicted that those phishing attacks will be highly localized in 2023. Seamlessly connecting to local events with better personalized malicious content.

 3. Extended attacks surface

The extended attack surface poses a new horizon of sophisticated cyber-attacks. Advanced endpoint protection, sophisticated security for cloud solutions, pre and post perimeter protection for (Smart/IoT) assets. Keeping those assets with relevant data safe requires a new holistic approach. Only securing the perimeter is not enough. Security and Zero Trust network access is a must.

 4. The rise of AI and ML

AI, Artificial Intelligence and ML, Machine Learning are massively improving security. Think of automated threat detection with remediation. As we see the attacks surface is extending and becoming more complex, AI will provide a more robust and flexible security posture. As it can discover, prioritize and identify cyber attacks before they harm or damage data or assets.

 5. The hackable human and next level social engineering

Cyber security awareness for users is key to manage and maintain a good security hygiene.

Did you know we are here to help you to raise your #securityposture ? With our SMB Security Suite we offer a comprehensive Security Design. We can help you train your users and there is so much more! Curious? Feel free to reach out or refer to:


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