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SMB FW is not able to terminate the session after received the RST ACK packet from the server

Happy New year to all!


It is a best practice to use the random source port. One of our customers is implementing a third party application that uses the same source and destination non-standard TCP port (50150).


The first session gets established successfully. The application tries to re-establishing another session ( after 4 seconds) using the same source and destination port if the previous session gets a break. FW considers a new session request ( SYN request) as part of the existing established session as it was neither terminated properly nor used the different source port. Therefore, the application is unable to re-established the session.

Just wondering do anyone from you came across with a similar situation? If yes then what was the resolution?

Appreciate your inputs.

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If this is a SMB FW you should post in SMB Aplliances and SMP instead ! For session timeouts, SMBs have the Advanced Setting > Aggressive Aging parameters. Find more information in sk41248 How does the Security Gateway handle Established TCP Connections?

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