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SMB APPLIANCE Max ID Awareness session

Hello team,
What is the (default) maximum number session  for one ID Awareness account  on for SMB appliance ?

And if allowed multiple session, how to limit it (for example at only one session)
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What do you mean by "session" in this context?

Identity Awareness primarily associates an identity with an IP address.
An identity can include a hostname and/or a username.
A given user can be associated with multiple IPs.
For Centrally Managed SMB appliances you definitely can restrict this to a single IP per user.
Not sure if you can restrict this on locally managed SMB devices.

As to the precise limit a given SMB appliance can handle, don't know.
Why the question?
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@PhoneBoy , locally managed appliances can restrict the number of users per IP.

In "Advanced Settings" there is the option "User Awareness - Assume single user per IP address", which is TRUE by default.

The opposite (restricting the number of IPs per user) is only possible for Remote Access as far as I know. This is done by setting "VPN Remote Access - Allow simultaneous login" to FALSE.

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