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SMB 1500 vlan tagged bonded interface

I know that the SMB 1500 series supports 802.3ad LAGged (bonded) interfaces and it also supports 802.1q tagged interfaces, but does anyone know if it supports both at the same time?

To wit: I want to form a LAGged pair from two physical interfaces and assign multiple VLAN tags to the bond interface name.

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Hi Dale_Lobb

If one of the slave interfaces in the bond is not the Check Point SMB 1500 WAN interface, it supports it.

In detail:
You can create a bond for the internet connection which will be called WANBOND0 which will have WAN + LANx as slave interface, this bond WANBOND0 will be in access, on this bond you can't create vlan interface.

If You create a bond with LANx + LANy slave interfaces which will be called LANBOND0, on this bond You can create vlan interfaces.

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