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SIP Trubk Audi

Good Day


Please assist there is a Mitel system and Service Provides has requested the below.

- Port forward pabx privateip :UDP/TCP 5060 to and from service provider external IP. Please note that this IP is not part of our toplogy (Internal or WAN) its on Service Provider end

-Allow RTP ports (0 – 65535) for traffic between private subnet to and from Service Provider network  for media

-On Checkpoint disable SIP ALG and reboot device


The question I have is can i port forward to an IP that is not part of our network.


The issue is phones are ringing but there is no audio and when you pick up it continues rining on the callers side.


This is how my topology is


ISP Miktotik - Checkpoint - Private Network

196.xx.xx.xx - 192.168.50.xx - 192.168.xx.xx/22



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What version/JHF on what specific hardware?

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