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Replacing 1100 with 3000 series. Export site to site VPN settings?

We are upgrading a device in one of our remote offices from an 1100 (R77.20) to a 30000 (R80.XX)  appliance.  there are about 25 site to site VPN's currently configured on this device.  I realise that it isn't possible to restore a config from the 1100 to the 30000, but can I export the site to site VPN settings, preshared keys etc?  I really do not want to have to recreate all of those VPN rules.


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This should be posted in SMB Appliances and SMP instead.

- If you have the 1100 centrally managed, you need not export any settings from the 1100 and all VPN configuration is done in SMS Dashboard

- If you have the 1100 locally managed, you will have to recreate the complete configuration (VPN  and anything else) on the new appliances. It is not possible to export settings from GAiA Embedded and import into GAiA.

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