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Probing is not allowed without probe next hop

Hello CheckMates,

I have a customer with two 1490 clusters in HA, centrally managed, in version R77.20.87 (990173120). We are trying to enable Connection Monitoring with ICMP probing method on a Internet interface. In one cluster we are getting the error "Probing is not allowed without probe next hop", we have verified that both members of this cluster have connectivity and have created a specific route for the monitored IP address.

On the second cluster, the feature is working ok and the configuration is very similar, the monitored IP address is the same. 

This feature was enabled during 2021, but because of a change in the Service Provider, the interface was disabled for two months, now the service is connected again but with this problem now.

We have a SR opened for more than a month now, and the final answer from TAC was that it is a "known issue" but with no explanation about why it works on one cluster and not in the second cluster, or details about the issue, but while we ask for this information, wanted to check if someone could have any suggestion with the problem. Thanks in advance.


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Usually, you only configure the active cluster node - standby will sync from active automatically.

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