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How to obtain new account in Check Point Cloud SMP

Steps to obtain new account (portal) in Check Point Cloud SMP (Security Management Portal):

1. Make sure you have a valid Cloud Hosted SMP license in your UserCenter account.

Cloud Hosted SMP license is one of the following SKUs: 


If you don't have such a license, contact your Distributor, Partner or Check Point Sales to purchase it.  

2. Contact Check Point Support for Small & Medium Business Security and ask a for new SMP account.
    (Live Chat or Service Request are applicable)

    You will be requested to provide the requested Portal name, Administrator name and Email.

3. For PoC SMP account, submit a ticket to Solution Center.

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Hi Eyal, Could you help me with the following question?

What is the difference between CPSB-SMP-DEMO and CPSG-CPSM-DEMO (other than price) and how can get one as a CP partner?
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