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How to extend SSH session timeout on SMB

The timeout Parameter(s) for Gaia Embedded is covered in sk24102 Adjusting system-idle time on Gaia and SecurePlatform -  there is a Special part for Gaia Embedded OS although the sk title does not mention that fact. That part references Check Point 600 / 1100 / 1200R Appliances R77.20 Command Line Interface Reference Guide and contains the Embedded CLISH command set administrator session-settings. But neither this sk nor sk95447 How to extend SSH session timeout and allow commands to survive beyond the SSH session closu... mention that the following works for SSH to GAiA Embedded and not only for GAiA and SPLAT:

  • To see the current idle timeout: 
    [Expert@HostName]# echo $TMOUT
  • To change the current idle timeout on-the-fly
    [Expert@HostName]# export TMOUT=VALUE 
    Where VALUE is an integer that specifies the timeout in seconds.

For permanently changing idle timeout, GAiA Embedded does not use /etc/bashrc, but /etc/ that only contains the line export TMOUT=600 !

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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