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How to customize and localize the UserCheck portal on SMB devices

A customer request concerning adaption / localization of the SMB UserCheck Portal directed my attention to sk83700 How to customize and localize the UserCheck portal. This sk seemed to be for SecurePlatform 2.6 & Gaia only - but the UserCheck folder on SMB appliances /opt/CPUserCheckPortal/phpincs/conf/L10N is just the same as on GAiA and includes files identical to these from GAiA.

So it seemed clear that the procedures from sk83700 are also valid for GAiA Embedded UserCheck. I have used feedback for sk83700 to ask CP if this assumption is true and the sk83700 was adapted to show for Product: Application Control, URL Filtering, DLP, Small and Medium Business Appliances and for OS: SecurePlatform 2.6, Gaia, Gaia Embedded.

After applying edits, the complete /opt/CPUserCheckPortal/phpincs/conf/L10N folder should be copied for backup purposes, as installing a new firmware or reverting the box to Factory Default firmware will overwrite the files !

Also see this list SMB documents for more. 

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