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Harmony Connect for Quantum Spark requirements

Planning for a SASE for solution for 2 Quantum Spark Gateways. 

Following are the requirements. 

1. Primary and Secondary IPSec tunnels from both gateways.

2. All internet traffic to be routed via Harmony Connect SASE to hide public IP of both gateways for users under branch offices via SWG

3. About 10 remote users (always remote) will use Harmony Connect Client on Notebook. 

4. Both branch offices have to communicate via SASE for Securely connect with ZTNA 

Both Spark Gateways are currently locally managed, soon going to use Smart-1 Cloud for management. (eventually). 

Currently doing POC

What are the Harmony Connect licencing requirements. ?

All users (local to branch) and remote users are currently using Harmony Endpoint - Do I need to remove this for Remote users ?



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The solution is licensed based on user counts.

Internet Access/SWG: CP-HAR-IA-1Y 

Remote Access/VPN: CP-HAR-RA-1Y

Harmony Endpoint & Harmony Connect can and should co-exist as Harmony Connect is not an EDR solution but you have a choice regarding VPN. (They are both bundled as part of Harmony Total: CP-HAR-TOTAL-1Y).


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Currently for VPN  they use Harmony Endpoint directly connecting to Spark SG.
I was looking for consolidated solution, looks like this is work in progress with the SASE specialised company's CP is acquiring. 
Looking forward to that. 


Description says : Harmony Total Security Suite, including all Harmony products - service for one user for 3 years

It doesn't show any license counts. 

UC account is linked in Infinity but doesn't show any Harmony Connect under  Services & Contracts. 

Behind one Spark SG at a branch office most users are local users, we just want to connect the Spark directly to SASE, not users individually. 

I'm after "Secure Internet Access for Brach Offices" feature.   

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Employee Employee

Harmony Total covers multiple use case scenarios. Including connecting Spark branch gateways & HC Agents.

To check the license seat counts for HC in Infinity Portal go to Global Settings > Services & Contracts > Click on your subscription.


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a quick question I under by integrating Spark appliance with Harmony connect we can establish secure tunnel between them and route all the traffic through Harmony connect service apart from this what are all features and capabilities we will get by doing this integration ? the reason I'm asking that I'm not able to find documentation for this 

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