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ERROR: can't get kernel image!

Hello! After a complete reset, the device (L-71) stopped booting. I attach part of the log.

Saving the environment to NAND...
Erasing NAND...
Erasing at 0x280000 -- 100% complete.
I write NANDA ... OK
bootargs=boardFlavor=alpine_db_s1 console status = ttyS0, 115200 noExtPorts= maxcpus=2 cp_net_config=3,(00:1C:7e:7e:27:07)(00:1C:7e:7e:27: 08)(00:1C:7e:7e:27:09) uboot_ver=85 pci=pcie_bus_perf meme=1022M ramoops. mem_address=0x3fe00000 ramoops. mem_size=0x100000 ramoops. record_size=0x10000
device offset 0 0x380000, size 0x3fc80000
do_nand: setting the main section of the message=380000

NAND read: device 0 offset 0x380000, size 0x1000000
16777216 bytes read: OK
Incorrect image format for the bootm command
MISTAKE: can't get the kernel image!
Setting bootaddr to 0x8000200
Enabling network ports...

Welcome to Gaia's built-in Boot Menu :

1. Start in normal mode
2. Start in debug mode
3. Start in maintenance mode
4. Restore factory default settings (locally)
5. Install/Update the image from the network
6. Restart the bootloader
7. Run hardware diagnostics
8. Download the preset configuration file
9. Delete the preset configuration file

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If you have a firmware image for it, you’ll need to copy it to a USB drive and boot the unit with the drive installed.
This will completely reformat the unit which should hopefully resolve the issue.
I believe what you have is a 1400 series.
Firmware can be downloaded from if you have a valid support agreement.

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The firmware used is the latest R77.20.87 (990173005). I tried to update via USB, but unfortunately there is no result. Downloading the firmware via tftp also does not give a positive result. Maybe there are some other ideas?

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USB Update:

- you connected the USB drive and the USB LED came up

- you rebooted the unit

- what did the console show at startup when trying to read from USB ?

I would record the console output during startup and contact TAC ! Maybe this is an RMA case...

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