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Configuring Multiple Internet Connection on Check Point 730 Appliance

Hi all,

I am new to Check point 730 appliance....

To quickly brief you on our current situation,  we have check point 730 appliance. It's WAN interface directly connected with ISP-1. We have added ISP-1 as Internet connection-1 in Firewall. So when a user connected with virtual access point of Check point 730, the traffic went through the default Internet connection i.e ISP-1.

Now we have connected another Internet connection (ISP-2) on DMZ interface and planned to add another virtual access point on Check point 730 which will need to sent its traffic through ISP-2(Dedicated Link).
How do i do it?
Also, If I use Multiple ISP on Check point 730, it leads performance degradation?
Below have explained my topology for better understanding,
Virtual access point-A --- Check Point 730 -- WAN Interface of Check point 730 --- ISP-1 ---
Virtual access point-B --- Check Point 730 --DMZ Interface of Check point 730 --- ISP-1 ---

Your kindly help is sincerely appreciated.....

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You can then set specific routes so that traffic from VAP-A goes through ISP1 and VAP-B goes through ISP2.
If you want to "fail over" to the other, then you may need to apply:

Wow! Didn't know about the triple metric. I made my routes work after lots of testing, but now it all makes sense.

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