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Bridged wireless networks - problem accessing local HTTP server

Hello All,

CP 1590, firmware 80.20.20 (or 80.20.15).

I have two wireless networks (2.4 and 5 GHz) and a HTTP server listening on port 8081, connected to LAN6 interface assigned to a separate network.

Firewall works in a strict mode so there is a rule in a rule base allowing access from the "office" network to the server.

Everything works OK as long as I don't bridge the wireless networks.

If I assign wireless networks to a bridge, the HTTP application on the server - and only the HTTP application! - becomes unresponsive after a while. I can still log in to the server using RDP and monitor it's behavior and the connection is rock soli, but the HTTP application stops working after a while - sometimes a minute, sometimes 5 minutes or an hour... The client side waits for a response of the server, there are endless retransmissions on the server's side and the application becomes completely unresponsive.

Disabling all the security blades (except firewall) and even the Application Control doesn't change the situation.

As soon as I remove wireless networks from a bridge and delete empty bridge, the situation comes back to normal - the app works, no retransmissions on the server.

Do you have any idea, what is wrong?

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HTTP has some protections that aren’t related to App Control or even IPS.
Recommend a TAC case to troubleshoot.

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