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750 Randomly Disconnect from Cloud Services

750 Randomly Disconnect from Cloud Services SMP, this happens a few times everyday and client looses internet connection and we do not have access to logs on the Device as well.


Please help if any has a solution to this.

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It could be a local connectivity issue or something else.
Probably best to engage with the TAC so we can investigate.
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I assume one of the causes is due to the sfwd terminated and not coming up again for some reason when you see those symptoms. (SMP disconnected/internal error when viewing logs)

Is your appliance running on the latest firmware? (R77.20.87 Build 990172929 or later)

I agree with Tomohiro. Looks like SFWD crashing.


Check /tmp/log/cpwd.elg for SFWD stop and start times and see if it matches with the time of the issues. Also, this log will tell you if memory was dumped to a file (/logs/core), which you can send to Check Point if you open a SR.

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