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1550 Appliance hangs/freezes randomly


We are experiencing issues with 1550 appliance, it has been in a production for a few days and we have random hangs of the 1550 box. After powering off/on it starts working normally for a few hours till the new crash.

IPS, Antivirus-virus and Anti-bot blades have been initially enabled, but after the last crash we have disabled those blades and for a last 6-7 hours since than we have normally working appliance.

After examination of the coredump logs we see that the problem is with the IMAP/S e-mail inspection and that we are experiencing out-of-the memory issues. Lats coredump logs are in the attach.

1550 appliance is with the last software image:

show software-version
This is Check Point's 1550 Appliance R80.20.10 - Build 433

Please advice what should be done in order to stabilize our 1550 appliance?

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I see a lot of imap errors. If you run R80.20.10 (992001434) i would suggest to contact TAC.

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