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1450 Appliance @ Branch Office Question

Hi - I am setting up 1450 appliances at a couple of branch offices, but I am not sure what my best approach is for configuring them to support our environment properly; Here is a basic proposed setup:

I am having some trouble since I need the gateway to not NAT and not block all incoming traffic by default, as traffic from the CorporateLAN to the BranchOfficeLAN (and vice versa) is common. I can't seem to configure the firewall service to deal with this so far - and I am surely just being dense Smiley Happy - but if I disable the firewall and NAT, traffic passes as I would want. However that defeats some of the purpose, and I would hope to configure an Internet connection (using the WAN port) and just create my policy manually. I seem to be stuck though with an all or nothing config...

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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I'm pretty sure you can achieve this with manual NAT rules.

What NAT rules did you try?

Note this would also imply turning "Off" the Outgoing traffic NAT option, which can be recreated with manual NAT rules.

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