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It is very hard to keep up with documentation and SKs while all is constantly changing. I am collecting material and will present it here completely. Also see this list SMB documents for more. Please be aware that Check Point may remove, change or replace SKs at any time, so it may well be that many of the documents listed here are not accessible anymore…

skI1915     Configuring Dynamic Objects
sk20576    How to set ClusterXL Control Protocol (CCP) in Broadcast / Multicast mode in ClusterXL
sk24102    Adjusting system-idle time on Gaia, Gaia Embedded and SecurePlatform
sk25129    Supported platforms for ISP Redundancy
sk26059    Removing LDAP queries from the Implied Rules
sk26202    Changing the kernel global parameters for Check Point Security Gateway
sk31404   How to Debug SecureXL
sk31631    What is the maximum number of interfaces supported by Check Point software?
sk31692    RADIUS/SecurID packets are being picked up by an implied rule instead of being encrypted
sk32250    How to automatically enter SecurePlatform and Gaia Expert Mode upon login
sk32578    SecureXL Mechanism
sk33402    Support for FTP EPRT and FTP EPSV commands per RFC 2428
sk33422    Office Mode IP and ipassignment.conf file
sk34312    Deploying a Security Gateway in Bridge mode over a Trunk link
sk35292    How to disable FW1_ica_services on port 18264
sk35551    Directed Broadcast traffic is not forwarded
sk35945    RTSP traffic is dropped when SecureXL is enabled
sk36869    "TCP segment with urgent pointer. Urgent data indication was stripped. Please refer to sk36869." log in SmartView Tracker / SmartLog
sk37692    How to determine the exact model of Check Point appliance from the CLI
sk38848    Practical troubleshooting steps for logging issues
sk40179    What are the characters and reserved words forbidden for use in Check Point Security Gateway and Security Management? 
sk44233    DCE-RPC Interface UUID do not pass through Security Gateway, despite the rulebase allows such traffic
sk44852    How to configure a Site-to-Site VPN with a universal tunnel
sk52180    Security Gateway 80 - R71 Known Limitations
sk52500    Configuring a Sync interface other than LAN2 on Embedded Appliances cluster
sk52520    How to run commands at boot on an SG80/600/1100/1200R -- UserScript
sk52763    Connection to Security Gateway 80 or 1100 Appliance with WinSCP fails
sk53580    How to remove Alias IP address from Security Gateway 80_600_1100 appliance without reboot
sk60080    Disk space tips and tricks for SecurePlatform / Gaia / IPSO / Linux OS
sk60793    Configuring Security Gateways to allow connection of networks to a PPTP server while using Hide-NAT (GRE and Hide-NAT support)
sk61701    CoreXL Known Limitations
sk61781    FTP packet is dropped - Attack Information: The packet was modified due to a potential Bounce Attack Evasion Attempt (Telnet Options)
sk62082    How to allow TCP/UDP packets with IP options through Check Point Security Gateway
sk62482    How to debug VPN issues on Security Gateway 80 / 600 / 1100 appliances
sk62822    Link Selection probing feature is not supported on Security Gateway 80_600_1100 appliances
sk63560    How to run complete VPN debug on Security Gateway to troubleshoot VPN issues?
sk65015    How to disable SecureXL permanently on SMB appliance
sk65060    How to cause a manual fail-over in ClusterXL on SG-8x appliances 
sk65123    HTTPS Inspection FAQ
sk65637    Typical ADSL configuration of various worldwide ISPs  
sk66381    How to configure Management behind NAT in Security Gateway 80 / 1100 Appliance setup appliance
sk66520    "cphaprob -l list" command shows that Device "ConnMonitor" reports its state as "problem" on Gaia Embedded cluster member
sk66576    Traffic is dropped by IPS protection "TCP Segment Limit Enforcement" due to attack "TCP segment out of maximum allowed sequence"
sk69726    VPN Routing does not work and traffic to other satellites leaves in_clear_when setting up SmartLSM profile in Star Community appliance
sk73980    Relative speeds of algorithms for IPsec and SSL
sk79880    Traffic is dropped by cphwd_offload_conn Reason: VPN and/or NAT traffic between accelerated and non-accelerated interfaces or between non-accelerated interfaces is not allowed
sk83520    How to verify that Gateway and/or Security Management Server can access Check Point servers?
sk83700    How to customize and localize the UserCheck portal
sk86321    How to debug FWD daemon
sk86521    Reset SIC without restarting the firewall process
sk87520    SMB Appliances - How to connect to the office using Check Point Remote Access (VPN) clients?
sk87522    600/700 Appliance - How to connect to the office using SSL VPN?
sk87523    600/700 Appliance - How to connect to the office using Windows 7 VPN (L2TP client)
sk89320    SIP traffic passes successfully only in one direction through Security Gateway with ISP Redundancy
sk90342    Check Point 1100 Appliance Known Limitations
sk90470    Check Point SNMP MIB files
sk91842    Check Point 600 Appliance Known Limitations
sk92281    Location of 'implied_rules.def' files on Security Management Server
sk92332    Location of 'vpn_table.def' files on Security Management Server
sk92445    Check Point R75.20 GA for 600 / Security Gateway 80 Appliances
sk92446    Check Point R75.20 GA for 1100 / Security Gateway 80 Appliances
sk92447    Status of OpenSSL CVEs
sk92465    Slow Site-to-Site VPN affected by Virtual Defragmentation
sk92732    1100 appliance type is missing in R75.46 / R76 SmartDashboard
sk92809    Supported 3G and 4G/LTE Modems with Check Point 600 / 700 / 1100 / 1200R / 1400 / 910 appliances
sk92883    site to site between 1100 appliance and 3rd party doesn't work
sk93200    SIP traffic is blocked by IPS default policy on 600_1100 appliance
sk93333    600 / 1100 / 700 / 1400 SMB appliance Wi-Fi regions and SKU
sk93344    SmartProvisioning Hotfix for 1100 appliance
sk93382    'Cannot find registration information for the appliance in the Check Point User Center. Currently using trial license.' error during Step 8 of 9 of the Check Point 1100 Appliance Wizard setup
sk93385    Policy installation onto SG 80 appliance or 1100 appliance fails with '*** glibc detected ***' errors
sk93532    "invalid certificate" error when trying to establish a Site-to-site VPN with locally managed Check Point 600 or 1100 appliance using internal certificate
sk93537    Traffic does not pass through the VPN tunnel between interoperable device and 1100 Appliance
sk93566    DAIP / LSM SMB appliance has connectivity issues with Security Management / Log server
sk93588    How to create_Allow and Forward_rule on Locally Managed SMB appliance
sk93595    How to resolve the 'License may not match device' error
sk93613    How to enable Remote Desktop from specific host on the Internet to a server behind 600_1100 appliance
sk93746    Connection on TCP port 443 is blocked on 600 and 1100 appliances
sk93776    How to uninstall R75.47 from upgraded Security Management Server that manages Security Gateway 80 and 1100 appliances with WLAN or VAP interfaces through SmartProvisioning
sk94028    How to configure Site-to-Site VPN between a Locally Managed 600 / 1100 appliance and a Security GW
sk94695    SNX VPN disconnects every 20 minutes when connecting to Check Point appliances 600 / 1100
sk95009    Failure to establish SIC or push policy to 1100 appliance
sk95012    "Policy installation is not supported for the target, operation ended with errors" when installing policy onto 1100 appliance
sk95027    'This gateway does not have a valid license for the Cloud Management' error when configuring Cloud Management in Check Point 600 appliance via WebUI.
sk95134    How to debug IPS, Application Control and Anti-Virus update failure on 600_1100 appliances
sk95149    Logs show that IPS drops e-mails on Locally Managed 600 / 1100 appliances
sk95147    Location of 'base.def' files on Security Management Server
sk95208    MIB files location in 600 and 1100 appliances
sk95209    Anti-Virus blade is disabled in 1100 appliance WebUI and in SmartDashboard object
sk95236    GUI not showing the correct MAC or firewall type after importing backup
sk95349    Traffic outage on the network when connecting two dedicated ports on two 1100 series appliances with a crossover cable for Sync
sk95448    600_1100 appliance does not send logs to Log Server
sk95570    'Another service has overlapping ports' error when editing a Service in 600 / 1100 appliance WebUI
sk95769    Configuring Proxy ARP for Manual NAT on Locally Managed 600_1100 appliances
sk95770    Changing the priority of Internet connections on Locally Managed 600_1100 appliances
sk95967    BGP on Gaia OS
sk95968    OSPF on Gaia
sk95969    List of Implied Rules for R75.20.X
sk96071    Check Point  600/1100 Appliances drops GRE packets
sk96130    "Error has occurred while applying the QoS settings (error 00356)" on locally managed 600 / 1100 appliance
sk96189    How to debug random reboot issues on Embedded GAIA devices
sk96246    Documentation For Check Point Appliances
sk96666    1100 Appliance does not authenticate LDAP users when connecting with Endpoint VPN clients
sk98722    ATRG: SecureXL
sk96726    Site to Site status shows down in the GUI for 600 and 1100 but tunnel is up
sk97286    Policy installation in WebUI or CLI fails on Security Gateway 80 appliance
sk97071    Check Point 600/1100 Appliances drops GRE packets
sk97529    Check Point 1100 appliances cannot be configured as Center Gateway in Star Topology VPN community
sk97585    After enabling Hotspot mode on 1100 appliance, the /fwtmp/ partition starts filling up and its size never decreases
sk97638    Check Point Processes and Daemons
sk97751    Identity Agent support and configuration on SMB Appliances
sk97771    SNX portal fails to load on 1100 Appliance
sk97810    Centrally Managed 1100 appliance does not send logs to Management Server
sk97867    Policy installation on 1100 Appliances from SmartDashboard fails when there are more than 10 objects of 1100 gateways defined
sk97926    Cannot select 1100 firmware in Provisioning Profile, or create an externally managed 1100 device in Dashboard
sk97949    SmartView Tracker logs shows that X11 traffic was rejected as "Attack Name: X11 Enforcement Violation"
sk97973    Server objects with Static NAT changed its IP to gateway IP address
sk98070   Traffic sent over a VPN tunnel does not reach its destination because SecureXL does not start fragmenting the packets
sk98089    Application Control_URL Filtering logs from 600_1100 appliance show only some URLs from the session when using_Extended Log
sk98112    "The resource is temporarily unavailable" message when trying to access the SNX Portal on a 1100 appliance
sk98149    DNS proxy reachable from external interfaces on 1100 appliances
sk98157    Centrally managed 1100 appliance with multiple external interfaces fails to re-establish VPN tunnel
sk98190    How to configure Route-Based VPN with BGP on Locally managed 600_1100 appliance
sk98221    'Failed to read file' error when trying to import an Internal CA to 600/1100 appliance exported from another 600 appliance
sk98229    Enabling QoS support for acceleration technologies (SecureXL and CoreXL)
sk98239    Location of 'user.def' files on Security Management Server
sk98241    Location of 'crypt.def' files on Security Management Server
sk98265    Cannot install policy on 1100 appliance, policy status is 'waiting'
sk98332    Security enhancements for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80
sk98339    Location of 'table.def' files on Security Management Server
sk98348    Best Practices - Security Gateway Performance
sk98353    Check Point support for DHCP option 119 (Domain Search Option) per RFC 3397
sk98474    SIC fails with an 1100 Appliance with 'peer sent wrong DN' error
sk98487    Website partially loads if users are behind 600_1100 gateway
sk98549    How to Burn Check Point 600 / 700 / 1100 Appliances version with Disk-On-Key
sk98604    No valid SA when creating VPN tunnel between 600 appliance and 3rd party gateway
sk98606    Policy installation / fetch fails on Centrally Managed 1100 due to insufficient disk space on /fwtmp partition
sk98668    600 Appliance tries to connect to the Mobile Access blade when it is disabled
sk98731    How to replace the existing expert password on 1100 Appliance
sk98748    VPN Routes created for 1100 clusters in the 'vpn_route.conf' file are not pushed to 1100 appliances
sk98858    DHCP daemon saves dhcpd.conf.LANx file incorrectly on 1100_600_Security Gateway 80 appliance
sk98927    How to set the value of parameter "bpdu_forwarding" (BPDU forwarding) to survive reboot
sk98981    Client cannot reach resources on the remote site
sk98982    The WebUI of 1100 appliance displays wrong expiration dates
sk99011    How to determine the Check Point appliance from CPinfo file
sk99015    Policy installation onto Centrally Managed 1100 appliance fails due to over-sized 'local.cfg' file
sk99047    Static routes are missing after upgrading SG80 from R71.45 to R75.20
sk99055    Source IP address is NATed to the external IP on locally managed embedded Gaia appliances
sk99117    How to configure DHCP Option 66 on Check Point 600_1100 appliances
sk99131    ADSL fails to connect in CP600_1100
sk99132    Setting SNX connection timeout in 600_1100 appliances for R75.20 HFA50
sk100199   Unable to enable traditional AV on 1100 cluster object
sk100236   DHCP is not providing an IP address on Locally managed SMB appliances
sk100239   How to configure PIM on Gaia OS
sk100242   Although DDNS on the Locally Managed 600_1100 appliance renewed the IP address, VPN clients still connect to the previous IP
sk100245   Site-to-Site VPN between 600_1100 appliance and Safe@Office device does not pass traffic
sk100246   Check Point IPS Protections for OpenSSL "Heartbleed" vulnerability (CVE 2014-0160)
sk100248   When connect to Check Point 600/1100 appliances via L2TP  and then disconnect, unable to reconnect for several hours
sk100250   'failed to read the file' error when importing internal CA to 600 / 1100 appliance, which was exported using Firefox browser
sk100270   Unable to establish connectivity when configuring a Route Based VPN for Locally Managed 600_1100
sk100276   Route based VPN sends traffic across the tunnel in clear text for TCP traffic
sk100278   C2S not connecting to updated IP when using DDNS
sk100306   Some web sites are not blocked by URL Filtering on Locally Managed 600_1100 appliance
sk100307   How to verify the version of Check Point MIB file on Security Gateway 80_600_1100 appliances
sk100313   How to configure PPTP passthrough on 600_1100 appliances
sk100316   VPN Tunnel status is 'Down' in Locally Managed 600_1100 appliances GUI although VPN tunnel is up
sk100319   SNX temporarily unavailable
sk100471   When trying to access a website behind a LocallyManaged 600_1100, user is redirected to Web GUI
sk100501   How to configure Routemaps in Gaia Clish
sk100509   How to use Windows 8.1 Check Point Mobile VPN plugin to connect to locally managed 1100/600
sk100519   Security Management Portal for Check Point 600 Appliance
sk100520   Security Management Portal for Check Point 600 Appliance Known Limitations
sk100565   1100 Appliance does not send logs to Security Management server
sk100577   Traffic stops passing through a Site-to-site VPN tunnel with 600_1100 appliance
sk100610   Error has occurred while applying the Firewall settings (error 00351)
sk100613   Policy installation on 1100 appliance fails with message "Failed to generate the rulebase"
sk100630   Empty Reports appear on locally managed Check Point 600 / 1100 Appliance
sk100726   How to configure IPsec VPN tunnel between Check Point Security Gateway and Amazon Web Services VPC using static routes
sk100731   VPNs go down within 24 hours after primary Security Management server goes down
sk100969   Time limits in a URL Filtering rule are not applied correctly on Locally Managed 600 appliance
sk101047   How to manage Security Gateways using the "cprid_util" tool
sk101052   Location of 'communities.def' files on Security Management Server
sk101066   How to configure external WAP with inspection on 600_1100 appliance
sk101110   SIP UDP VoIP doesn't work properly, incoming calls always redirected to same internal phone
sk101131   Wrong routing decisions on Appliance 1100_600
sk101187   In strict mode, Nodes behind 600_1100 are unable to access resources behind remote GW VPN tunnel
sk101219  New VPN features in R77.20
sk101307   600 / 1100 appliance hangs / freezes, fails to update software blades
sk101460   How to configure Site to Site with overlapping encryption networks
sk101433   BGP_Peer x.x.x.x not configured_error on CLI when trying to configure Internal BGP peer on 600_1100_SG80
sk101466   Configure L2TP connection from Windows client to Locally Managed 600/700/1100/1400 appliance
sk101469   Site to Site VPN fails when locally managed 600_1100 or Edge is Natted behind another machine
sk101535   When trying to establish C2S VPN, connection gets stuck at 43% with error "Connection failed No response from gateway for 1st packet"
sk101541   Mobile Access support for SHA-256 signed certificates
sk101560   Check Point 600 Appliance cannot connect to the Cloud Center
sk101568   VPN tunnel fails to recover between locally managed 600_1100 appliance on DAIP and centrally managed GW
sk101587   MGCP traffic is NATed to port range of 10000
sk101606   How to enable inspection of SMB/CIFS traffic by Anti-Virus blade or Threat Emulation blade
sk101666   "Blocked on rule 0 Outgoing policy violation" security logs on Locally Managed 600 / 1100 / 1200R appliance
sk101708   Anti-Virus and Threat Emulation blades miss inspection
sk101711   SNMPD crashes generating core files on 1180 appliance
sk101828   Remote Access client connects successfully to Centrally Managed 600_1100_Security Gateway 80 appliance, but is not able to access any host behind the appliance
sk101850   How to define Administrator's access to 600_1100 appliance from WAN in a secure manner
sk101866   Visio Stencils for Check Point appliances
sk101875   Policy installation fails with "Load on module failed - no memory" error 
sk101911   IKE Phase 1 with DAIP device fails after IP address of DAIP device was changed
sk102033   1100 Appliances managed by SmartProvisioning get wrong VPN certificate
sk102046   Checking the box 'Turn on QoS Logging' is not saved in Centrally Managed 1100 / SG 80 object.
sk102069   Remote Access VPN users are unable to access internal network resources through 600_1100 appliance via resource DNS name
sk102087   Access Role containing a network object is not enforced on 1100 Gateway
sk102126   When attempt to login to appliance WebUI, see following error: "Login attempt is denied because 'admin' user already logged in"
sk102135   Traffic fails after rebooting Security Gateway with enabled Application Control blade
sk102187   Endpoint Connect client connects to Locally Managed 600_1100 appliance, but disconnects after 20 seconds, if SecureXL is enabled
sk102208   When remote access users connect to the local 600_1100 VPN server, one of the sides is unable to hear anything
sk102296   How to activate inspection on internal traffic on 600/700/1100/1200R/1400 appliances
sk102367   How to hide port 443 on locally managed 600/1100
sk102400   Unable to activate software blades in the object of Centrally Managed 600_1100 appliance
sk102526   Policy installation onto 1100 appliance from SmartProvisioning fails with CPRID error #1 or CPRID error #2
sk102559   Bridge mode 600_1100 URLF_APP traffic is not redirected correctly_Redirect action rule 1953 (outgoing)
sk102567   ADLog command fails when adding network exclusion to ADQuery on 1100 Appliance
sk102712   $FWDIR_conf_masters file on Security Gateway is overwritten during each policy installation
sk102737   RouteD daemon might consume CPU at very high level on ClusterXL member running Gaia OS, when there are issues with cluster sync interfaces
sk102792   'Update' Status Bar is not visible on Check Point 600 Appliance
sk102803   How to see users currently connected via Client-to-Site VPN on Locally Managed 600_1100_SG80 appliance
sk102819   Policy installation on Centrally Managed 1100 appliance fails with 'Installation failed. Reason: IP = X.X.X.X is not available right now'
sk102834   How to activate Locally managed 600/1100 appliance disconnected from Internet
sk102836   L2TP VPN connection to Locally Managed 600 / 1100 / Security Gateway 80 appliance disconnects every 2 minutes
sk102947   Policy instal on Security Gateway 80_1100 appliance fails with_ERROR_target Name_of_Object is prohibited
sk102989   Check Point response to the POODLE Bites vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566)
sk103050   How to increase re-authentication time for remote access users on locally managed 1100 appliance
sk103077   Memory consumption on Security Gateway constantly increases
sk103095   How to generate an Activation File for Check Point 600 / 1100 Appliance
sk103113   RTSP over HTTP traffic might cause high CPU load on Security Gateway when HTTP inspection on non standard ports is enabled
sk103123   DHCP Relay packets sent from 1100 appliance are not encrypted after upgrading SMS to R77.20
sk103206   IPS protections cannot be set to "prevent" on 600 Appliance
sk103210   A certificate error pops-up when open a Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010
sk103215   1100 Appliance managed by Smart Provisioning/Smart LSM sends logs to internal IP of Security Management
sk103222   Unable to edit WLAN settings for network and receive "An internal error has occurred" error message when trying to save
sk103227   1100 appliance starts with 'Outgoing Policy' after every reboot
sk103288   Policy install on 1100 appliance fails with 'Load on Module failed - failed to load Security Policy' after IPS update
sk103349   Cannot change centrally managed Check Point 1100 appliance Anti-Spoofing settings
sk103350   QoS definitions are not shown in 1100 appliance WebUI
sk103368   Internal URLs are not resolved from internal DNS server for Remote Access Clients for locally managed 600/1100
sk103373   Configuring VPN Client to Site through Secondary interface 
sk103413   Changes in custom_logserver_ip are not saved after reboot on 600 / 1100
sk103423   Access to web sites fails with multiple "Internal System Error" logs from Application Control / URLF
sk103458   Error in system logs: [OS] /pfrm2.0/opt/fw1/bin/fw_db_handler was unable to handle DB update 
sk103495   Active Directory Server fails with "no matches found" error
sk103497   600 / 1100 appliance fails to connect to Cloud Services Server with log "Web server error ... attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'hbInterval' (a nil value)"  
sk103501   Policy Installation periodically fails with with error " Installation failed. Reason: Authentication error [ SIC error no. 147 ]" on 1400 and 1100 appliances
sk103523   VPN traffic issues caused by devices with Dynamically Assigned IP (DAIP)
sk103564   Tunnel test fail on cluster of 600 or 1100 with remote peer
sk103565   Permanent VPN Tunnel between 600 / 1100 appliance and CP Security Gateway is reported as 'Down'
sk103679   Application Control policy on Check Point 600/1100 does not block posting & chatting on Facebook site
sk103683   Check Point response to TLS 1.x padding vulnerability
sk103839   Check Point update and online services migration to SHA-256 based certificates
sk103876   How to manually delete an entry from the Connections Table
sk103918   Policy installation fails with the error "Operation failed, install/uninstall has been improperly terminated"
sk103961   Replacing WebUI SSL certificate on Embedded GAIA Appliance
sk103973   Unable to establish a VPN between Microsoft Azure and a 600 / 1100 / Security Gateway 80 Appliance
sk104076   1100 Cluster assigns IP to interface2 even though they are disabled 
sk104082   Unable to establish incoming SIP calls through Locally Managed 600 / 1100 appliance when using two separate external servers for SIP and RTP
sk104083   Unable to select IKEv2 on 600 appliances with version R75.20.60 and above; but below R77.xx
sk104095   RC4 cipher is allowed for Inbound HTTPS inspection
sk104111   1100 appliance does not support Primary IP for DHCP
sk104250   Security Gateway might crash rarely when inspecting URLs
sk104464   Cannot create reports based on data from 1100 appliance on Security Gateway 80
sk104560   Check Point response to Leap Second introduced in UTC on 30 June 2015
sk104599   DHCP Relay functionality over VPN on 600 / 1100 appliance stops working after fail-over from ADSL to Cellular Modem (3G)
sk104600   Policy installation on 1100 appliance fails when Application Control blade is enabled
sk104618   'non sync(non secured)' status for Wireless network on 1100 devices cluster
sk104641   DHCP settings on VLAN interface are not enabled on 1100 Appliance
sk104646   Unable to use "<" and ">" in Preshared Key for site to site VPN or L2TP
sk104760   ATRG: VPN Core
sk104783   "malloc failed: Cannot allocate memory" failure during policy installation on 1100 / Security Gateway 80 appliance running R75.20.X firmware
sk104799   Can NAT properties be configured via autoconf on 1100 appliance?
sk104866   Gateway might crash when Threat Prevention "Fail Mode" is set to "Block all connections (Fail-close)"
sk104880   IKE negotiation fails between Security Gateway and DAIP non-Centrally Managed Gateway
sk104999   Migration from Edge device to Check Point 600 / 700 / 1100 / 1200R / 1400 appliance  
sk105008   Wireless clients are not able to connect to Virtual Access Point (VAP) on Locally Managed 600 / 1100
sk105073   Application & URLs blank window on 600 / Locally Managed 1100 appliance with error message: 'page 'app.appi' is missing. Exception:'cache' is undefined'
sk105217   "Commit function failed/Installatin failed" error on policy installation failure on SMB appliances
sk105281   Configure Domain Name for DHCP options on 600 and 1100 appliances
sk105321   Traffic to HTTPS websites is dropped on "Unknown Traffic" category, if the certificate length sent from web server exceeds the limit   
sk105387   Policy installation on Centrally Managed 1100 appliance fails with SecureXL warnings 
sk105459   Synchronization problem on R75.20 HFA 30 600 appliances cluster
sk105487   /var/log/messages file and output of 'show time' command show different time stamps on 600 / 1100
sk105496   SmartUpdate fails to upgrade with error on 600/1100 appliances
sk105500   Stability issues on 600/1100 Appliance with Wi-Fi on automatic 20-40 MHz channel
sk105518   Bridge configuration from a USB using autoconf.clish instead of using First Time Configuration Wizard
sk105537   Security Management Portal R12 for Check Point 600 / 1100 / 1200R Appliances
sk105726   When trying to change interface's type via CLI to part of a bridge interface, there is no "bridge" option
sk105736   Policy installation on 11000 appliance fails with "SIC General Failure [ SIC error no. 148 ]
sk105738   Check Point 1200R Appliance
sk105741   Security Blades automatically turning off after being turning on
sk105722   How to configure Check Point Security Gateway to copy DiffServ mark between packet's headers
sk105838   "No License to Manage QoS UTM-1 Sites" error in SmartDashboard when installing policy on 1100 object after enabling QoS blade in 1100 object
sk105841   VPND daemon crashes every ~30 minutes on Security Gateway due to memory leak
sk105842   Security Gateway in Monitor Mode with enabled SecureXL might freeze intermittently
sk105888   License is expired on Check Point 600 / 1100 Appliance gateway 
sk105891   Pantech UML290 LTE Cellular USB modem is not recognized on Check Point 600 / 1100 appliances 
sk105892   How to add an exception for a specific web site in the URL filtering of CP 600/1100 appliance
sk105897   Fail to establish VPN between Cisco ASA and Check Point 600 / 1100 appliance
sk105946   Modem support on Check Point 1100 Appliances
sk105949   "IP address was not set yet for the Security Gateway" error when installing policy on Centrally Managed 1100 appliance with Dynamic IP Address (DAIP)
sk105977   There is no option to add specific Active Directory users inside policy rules, when using Identity Awareness blade on 600 appliances
sk105981   PBX and SIP phones are unable to register on Locally Managed 600 / 1100 / 1200R appliance
sk105983   Debugging VOIP on 600
sk106025   How to reset Expert password on Locally Managed Check Point 600 / 1100 Appliance
sk106027   Email subject is deleted when a spam email is detected on Check Point 600 / Locally managed 1100
sk106125   Captive Portal redirection fails in Google Chrome
sk106195   How to change WEBUI port on 600 / 1100 / Security Gateway 80 appliances using CLI
sk106198   Routing table does not refer to Metric value on Check Point 600 / 1100 appliance
sk106234   Anti-Spam blade on 600 / 1100 appliance blocks e-mails only by entire domain and not by specific e-mail
sk106244   UserCheck page of URL filtering does not appear while configuring bridge between WAN and LAN
sk106245   Anti-Spam blade on 600 / 1100 appliance does not flag spam e-mails
sk106287   Download of Backup file in Gaia Portal of SMB appliance fails
sk106290   Security Management Portal R12 for Check Point 600 / 1100 / 1200R Appliances Known Limitations
sk106330   URL Filtering does not block sites on 1100 appliance
sk106348   Working with VLANs on 600 / 700/1100 / 1200R appliances and Edge / Safe@Office devices
sk106367   Policy installation fails on 1100 / 1200R appliance when using Threat Prevention installed on cluster
sk106403   IPS protections not available on 600 / 1100 appliances' "Exceptions" list
sk106429   Security Logs location on Check Point 600 / 700 / 1100 /1400 appliance
sk106473   "Bad Firmware Magic Number" error in system log
sk106478   Check Point response to CVE-2015-2808 (Bar Mitzvah)
sk106580   Incoming connections to a server NATed behind the Locally Managed 600 / 1100 appliance are rejected
sk106581   ClusterXL VMAC address cannot be configured in Dashboard on Centrally managed 1100/1200R
sk106596   How to export configuration from Locally Managed 1100 Appliance + import it in Locally Managed 600
sk106670   Incorrect MAC address is displayed in WebUI on 600 / 1100 appliance after restoring from a backup file
sk106694   1100 / 600 appliance cannot update IPS / Application Intelligence / Anti-Virus blade
sk106740   DHCP Server on 600 / 1100 appliance does not lease new IP Addresses to a specific network
sk106836   How to configure SSH authentication using RSA key files on Security Gateway 80 / 600 / 1100 / 1200R
sk106844   df command shows wrong used space percentage
sk106864   Configure L2TP connection from Mac OS client to Locally Managed 600 / 1100 / 1200R appliance
sk106873   Locally managed 600/1100 cannot clear Infected Hosts from Infected Hosts table
sk106893   Unable to access 1100 appliance using Webui or SSH after installing the policy  
sk106953   The requested URL revokepage was not found on this server Application Control Tracker log Usercheck error
sk106954   Blade updates fail when IPS set to "strict" mode on locally managed 600 appliance
sk106965   Identity Sharing does not work with SMB appliance running version R77.20.75 or below
sk107032   "show asset memory" command shows less RAM than is actually installed
sk107038   Cannot configure DHCP option 43 on Check Point R77.20 for 600 Appliance
sk107075   New gateways cannot register to SMP
sk107097   Configuring DHCP relay through Site-to-Site VPN on GAIA embedded Appliances
sk107132   Check Point Mobile Access support for Windows 10
sk107160   Application Control and URL Filtering logic of predefined blocked categories on Locally Managed 600 / 1100 / Series 80 appliance
sk107164   How to configure SmartProvisioning on 1100 appliance
sk107166   TLS1.2 Support Plan for Check Point Products
sk107184   Security Gateway might crash in some scenarios when inspecting H.323 traffic
sk107261   Certificate for Remote Access VPN on locally managed SMB Appliance   
sk107262   Policy installation in "Pending" status after upgrade to R77.20   
sk107263   1100/600 appliance reverts back to R75.20 after upgrade to R77.20
sk107280   License file does not match the appliance
sk107283   Getting "Web server error" when trying to reset SIC on 1100 appliance
sk107374   Application & URL Filtering reports are empty in Locally managed 600 / 1100 Appliance R75.20.70
sk107393   Creating a custom DHCP option on a Gaia Embedded appliance fails with an error
sk107499   Location of 'gtp.def' files on Security Management Server
sk107512   "FATAL: Web server error" when trying to apply an outgoing rule to block YouTube on Locally Managed 600 / 1100 appliance
sk107515   The machine hangs on boot with "No response from 'pm' after a few seconds, it may have problems. [FAILED]" error on console
sk107555   Difference in reports information from local WebUI and Security Management Portal on 600/1100/1200R
sk107558   How to change administrator password to a clear-text password or a password hash
sk107592   How perform a fresh/clean install of firmware on 600/700/1100/1400 appliance via USB
sk107602   "An error has occurred while reading groups from the Active Directory" message on 600/1100/1200R
sk107641   Configure "Route All Traffic" from locally managed SG80/600/700/1100/1400 appliance to a centrally managed gateway
sk107735   VPN Tunnel status changes to DOWN/UP randomly on 1100 gateway
(deleted - sk107762   Policy installation on Check Point SMB appliances fails with "Load on Module failed - not enough disc space" error)
sk107832   Check Point 600 / 1100 appliance stops appending security logs
sk107856   Unable to select Provisioning Profile for 1100s created via LSMcli
sk107980   Microsoft Lync fails to sign in after upgrading 600 / 1100 /SG 80 appliance from R75.20 to R77.20
sk108095   Serial console connection configuration for Check Point appliances
sk108153   Local IP address is used in Hide NAT on cluster environment instead of VIP
sk108156   600 Appliance cannot fetch groups from AD servers when one of them has special character
sk108172   Malformed PXE string in DHCP packets on 1100/600 appliances
sk108199   Internal host can not surf the Internet when MTU of the WAN port was changed to a value less than 1400
sk108202   Best Practices - HTTPS Inspection  
sk108274   "NAT Error 00358" after upgrade to R75.20.70
sk108275   How to configure VoIP SIP when PBX is located in LAN of Locally Managed 600 / 1100 / 1200R
sk108276   How to implement R77.20.x firmware on 1200R appliance using Disk-On-Key
sk108277   Security blades update is stuck on "Update pending" when using "autoconfig.clish" procedure on R77.20
sk108286   When 600 appliance connects to Cloud Portal, WebUI is stuck on "Connecting..."
sk108289   Policy installation fails on 1100 appliance
sk108356   Cannot establish VPN tunnel to an 1200R appliance with a PPPoE Internet connection
sk108372   Site-to-Site between Safe@Offices remotely managed by Legacy SMP 8.1 and remotely managed by SMP R12 600/1200R appliances
sk108416   The Compliance blade does not recognize 'Gaia OS' Best Practices / remediations for 1100, 1200R, 1400 and 61000 appliances
sk108437   How to configure External Security Log Server on Centrally Managed 600 / 1100 / 1200R appliance
sk108453   Remote Access VPN users cannot pass RADIUS authentication, when RADIUS Server and Active Directory Server configured on the same machine
sk108495   Although secondary interface receives inbound traffic to internal server, replies go through primary if
sk108515   Pings larger than 1000 bytes do not pass through SMB appliance / are not answered by SMB appliance
sk108516   VPN tunnel fails with "IKE: Main Mode I have no certificate to use for IKE" error message after upgrading centrally managed Check Point 1100 appliance to R77.20
sk108519   "show diag" command does not display 1200R Appliance Temperature
sk108580   "initializing modem" message is stuck on Web Console
sk108592   Exception does not work correctly, or appliance freezes completely when new IPS exception configured on SmartDashboard, and new policy version installed on 1100 Appliance 
sk108598   "Wireless" WebUI attributes are missing after upgrade on 1100 centrally managed appliance
sk108600    VPN Site-to-Site with 3rd party
sk108617   Location of 'fwrl.conf' files on Security Management Server
sk108624   Check Point R80 Known Limitations
sk108625   Compliance blade shows wrong statuses for 'Firewall' Best Practices in 1100, 1200R, 1400 and 61000
sk108627   Multiple PPTP connections fails to connect after upgrade of Check Point appliance to R77.20.10
sk108653   Security Gateway with enabled HTTPS Inspection crashes repeatedly
sk108654   How to control support for SSLv2 handshake in HTTPS Inspection
sk108656   "/pfrm2.0/bin/ ... temp1_input: No such file or directory" error when running "show diag" command on 1200R appliance
sk108707   600 / 1100 appliance does not send logs to Security Management / Log server.
sk108708   Security Reports are empty on Check Point 1200R appliance
sk108755   How to replace Self Signed Certificate from SHA-1 to SHA-512 on Embedded GAIA
sk108774   Enabling USB watchdog on 1100 Appliances
sk108780   Status "Modem not detected" for Netgear AirCard 340U USB Modem in 600 / 1100 appliance's WebUI
sk108815   Basic VoIP debugging when phones located behind firewall and PBX is external 
sk108818   Security Gateway with enabled SecureXL might crash when processing a packet with Multicast Source IP
sk108819   How to view all configurable commands on 600 / 1100 / 1200R appliance
sk108841   Traffic Monitor does not show real data
sk108849   PIM dynamic routing protocol does not work on Check Point 1200R appliance
sk108860   VPN tunnel between Check Point Security Gateway and Centrally Managed Check Point 1100/1200R appliances may fail
sk108932   Inbound emails with PDF attachments that undergo Anti-Spam inspection arrive corrupted at destination  
sk108959   How to disable the First Time Configuration Wizard on 1100 appliance
sk108963   How to save local backup of 1100 Appliance to USB
sk108996   "A security violation error: password: Value in field is forbidden" in System Logs when 600 / 1100 / 1200R appliance connects to SMP
sk109048   How to create Site-to-Site VPN between 2 locally managed DAIP 1100/600 Appliances
sk109074   Cloud Managed 600/1100 Appliance WebUI login page displays wrong MAC address
sk109094   How to reach an internal network behind a Site-To-Site VPN tunnel, when connected with Remote Access to locally managed Check Point 600 / 1100 / 1200R appliances
sk109103   Hosts intermittently disconnecting from wireless network on 1100 and 600 Appliances
sk109139   How to configure Site-to-Site VPN between Locally Managed 600/700/1100/1200R/1400 appliance and Centrally Managed Security Gateway using certificates
sk109148   List of allowed ASCII characters for passwords on Gaia OS
sk109218   Configuration Error when creating network object on clish on 1100 and 1200R appliance
sk109237   Site to Site VPN between 600 appliance and Safe@Office appliance fails due to 'Payload Malformed'
sk109272   "Illegal characters in application-group name" when adding URL Filtering Category via CLI
sk109312   Upgrade of 1100 appliance reverts back to original version after reboot
sk109341   "Site is not responding" message in Remote Access client GUI when connecting to Locally Managed 600/1100/1200R appliance
sk109344   Unable to establish L2TP connection to HA cluster of locally managed 600/1100/1200R appliance
sk109370   SecuRemote will not connect to 600 / 1100 / 1200R appliance without additional clear text rule
sk109394   "Failed to retrieve Logs" error when accessing Security Logs  (fw1_dep_R77_990171526_20)
sk109398   "connections refused" error when connecting with SSL VPN to 600/1100 cluster
sk109403   "Value already exists" error is displayed when editing SIP_UDP or SIP_TCP services
sk109438   Files are emulated even though their MD5 is added as_Exception_to Threat Prevention policy
sk109465   Internet Interface PPPoE Dialer freezes appliances
sk109468   Connections are broken for short time after disabling SecureXL, or after installing a policy
sk109473   Not possible to establish Site-to-Site VPN tunnel with LSV peer, which is a DAIP device
sk109496   'License operation failed. License may not match device.' error when activating the 600 / 1100 appliance
sk109556   Traffic drop on locally managed 1100 appliance with log on kernel debug: "Invalid IP option on packet"
sk109582   High CPU on Security Gateway during Anti-Virus scan of large files transferred over CIFS/SMB2
sk109709   Port scan shows ports as 'closed' on Check Point 600/1100 locally managed appliances
sk109743   Upgrade to R77.30 causes issues with WAN accelerator using TCP Multipath option in TCP Header
sk109853   Tunnels initiated with DAIP gateways cannot be re-established if the tunnel is reset
sk109954   "Link speed" cannot be selected from clish on 1100 devices
sk110024   1100 device does not send heart beats to Management server behind NAT
sk110053   Check Point response to CVE-2015-7547 and CVE-2015-5229
sk110054   Location of 'dhcp.def' files on Security Management Server
sk110265   Error when select new firmware on SmartProvisioning to upgrade SMB appliances
sk110270   UserCheck does not appear for blocked HTTPS web sites on locally managed 600 / 700 / 1100 / 1200R
sk110271 Status of NTP CVEs
sk110339   Output from console cable is unreadable 
sk110364   'First to connect' option does not work when adding second 1100 appliance
sk110513   Cannot select 1200R Firmware image in SmartProvisioning 
sk110533   When creating VPN site using Endpoint Security VPN client, a pop-up message shown indicating that site security certificate is not trusted
sk110534   Certificate authentication for Remote Access works only with an external CA on SMB locally managed appliances
sk110536   SMB device statuses are flapping in SmartProvisioning GUI
sk110617   Huawei K5150 4G USB modem does not connect to 4G when used with CP 600 / 1100 / 1200R / 700
sk110627   "CA certificate for this certificate not found" error when trying to add 3rd party certificate on Locally Managed 1100 appliance
sk110677   How to perform Scheduled Backup on SMB Appliances
sk110732   600/700/1100 appliance RC4 cipher allowed for HTTPS
sk110736   Apps & URL Filtering blade blocks HTTPS applications, by category with no option to allow them
sk110749   Application Control does not work on Locally Managed 600/700/1100/1200R appliance
sk110789   CPRID Fatal error on the peer gateway when pushing policy from SmartProvisioning GUI 
sk110790   Cannot see Top potentially high-risk applications by sessions in Security report with 600/700 Appliance
sk110793   "Kernel failed to load the signatures (on instance 0)" error on Anti-Virus update failure
sk110794   CP600 R77.20.11 WiFi slowness and disconnections
sk110795   600 Appliance crashes when the Identity Awareness Blade is enabled
sk110796   First deployment of SMB appliance using autoconf.clish file in USB drive
sk110797   Blade update does not work when "Route traffic through this connection by default" is unchecked
sk110833   Cannot disable "Route all traffic through this connection" option for PPPoE connection
sk110834   AV unable to identify viruses based on the MD5 database in POP3
sk110857   SFWD and fw_worker consuming high CPU on 1100 appliance
sk110872   Core is generated when using HTTPS categorization for a specific .gov site
sk110883   Specific HTTPS sites that use ECDHE ciphers are not accessible when HTTPS Inspection is enabled
sk110934   Configuring Ethernet Over Internet Protocol (EOIP) on SMB Appliance
sk110935   Software Blades Update Out Of The Scheduled Time on a 600 / 700 Appliance  
sk110938   PPPoE Tunnels Abort RouteD Daemon When Sharing The Same Peer Gateway on 600/1100 
sk110995   No License to Manage QoS UTM-1 Sites installing QoS express policy to 11xx, 1200R, 14xx appliances
sk111001   1100 firmware upgrade clears custom contents of /pfrm2.0/bin/   
sk111059   Hosts do not appear on active computers in 600 / 700 appliances' logs  
sk111073   Application Control updates fail for SMB appliances 1100 / 1200R / 1400 that are Centrally Managed by R80 Security Management Server 
sk111076   "Automatic Firmware Upgrade" on/off button is not available on700 appliance
sk111110   Policy installation fails on R77.20 1100 devices with "Load on module failed - not enough disc space"
sk111139   Admin access (WebUI+SSH) fails when connecting via Windows 8/8.1 Remote Access to 700 appliance 
sk111176   "Web Server Error" error when trying to block "TOR" application on SMB locally managed appliances 
sk111292   Missing Appliance type in SmartConsole Platform Hardware Type list 
sk111295   The Gateway Platform list does not contain 1400 SMB appliances in the R77.30 SmartDashboard
sk111312   Identity Agent support for Small Office Appliances
sk111332   Upgrade of 1100 appliance from R75.20 to R77.20 fails
sk111334   600 / 1100 / 1200R configuration import to 700 / 1400 appliances
sk111401   How to configure a Hotspot with Radius authentication on locally managed SMB appliances
sk111407   Jumbo Frames Support
sk111532   SIP Keep-Alive Messages on locally managed SMB Appliances
sk111586   Is SD Card supported on SMB Appliances?
sk111596   SmartProvisioning profile change generates duplicated IP ranges
sk111613   Policy installation fails when installing QoS policy on 1100 appliance from Windows Server  
sk111626   ATRG: SmartProvisioning 
sk111629   WebUI of Locally Managed SMB appliance shows only "Device" tab on Standby cluster member
sk111713   When using Mini-USB as a console connector on 700 and 1400 appliances, Windows does not automatically detect and download the driver needed for serial communication 
sk111732   DDNS function does not work on a locally managed 700 appliance after an upgrade to R77.20.20
sk111733   How to configure Site-to-Site VPN between Amazon Web Services and locally managed 600/700/900/1100/1200R/1400 SMB device
sk111751   Site to Site VPN between centrally managed gateway and SMB appliance fails with "Invalid Certificate"  
sk111756   There is no inspection between hosts in the same Internal Network on SMB appliances
sk111757   When viewing a report in 600 / 700 appliances amount of traffic in 'Weekly' is greater than 'Monthly'
sk111759   UDP Traffic on 600 / 700 appliances is dropped due to "Violated Unidirectional Connection"
sk111813   Cannot assign an IP to ADSL interface on 1100 appliance
sk111818   How to make kernel parameters survive reboot on SMB appliances
sk111836   Scheduled backups enforced from SMP plan do not work 
sk111839   VPN Central Gateway drops SIP RTP traffic between the SIP Call Manager and the phone behind VPN Satellite Gateway, where the SIP call was initiated
sk111840   VTI creation on SMB Appliance fails with "IP address is in the subnet of an existing network" error
sk111844   The 'clish' command does not work on SMB appliances
sk111852   Failed to change 'Reset to factory defaults timeout' value on 600 appliance
sk111854   1100 ClusterXL does not fail-back to Primary member
sk111883   Cannot assign a larger than 8 characters password to VPN users on a locally managed SMB appliance
sk111888   Cluster member might crash processing a NAT connection if SecureXL is not enabled on all members
sk111912   How to terminate Remote Access VPN connection on a locally managed SMB appliance
sk111935   Site-to-Site VPN with SMB appliance fails after the Internet link is disconnected and reconnected  
sk111943   POP3 mails are not being pushed when Anti-Spam blade is enabled on 600 appliance running R77.20.21
sk111961   Cannot configure DHCP reservation on server objects through the local WebUI
sk111997   How to Troubleshoot SmartProvisioning Script for SMB appliances
sk112001   Passive mode FTP connection fails
sk112053   Cannot create a VTI interface on a Locally managed 1100 appliance
sk112063   Web server error Value in field is forbidden
sk112098   Some BGP routes get deleted when a WAN disconnection is detected on 1100 appliances
sk112166   "fwtmp" folder is filling up, causing crashes on SMB appliances
sk112188   Traffic drop on Endpoint Security Clients connected to 1100 Security Appliance  
sk112213   How to configure Certificate based Site to Site VPN between two locally managed SMB Appliances
sk112217   How to deploy Centrally Managed Check Point 1100 appliance - video tutorial
sk112241   Best Practices - DDoS attacks on Check Point Security Gateway
sk112274   VAP connectivity unstable
sk112314   SNX client support for AES-256 encryption when connecting to Security Gateway
sk112343   Administrator Role in Check Point SMB Appliances
sk112356   Traffic does not pass through Realtek NICs on Siemens RUGGEDCOM RX1400 / RX1500 Platform
sk112373   Throughput in Network Activity does not change on SMB appliances
sk112379   "Intrusion Prevention (IPS)" blade on Centrally Managed 1100 appliance is always shown as "ON" when installing policy in R80 SmartConsole
sk112437   Cannot initiate VPN traffic to encryption domain behind LSM gateway
sk112465   Cannot add custom-server with UDP protocol from command line
sk112536   Remote Access VPN connects but does not pass traffic to SMB appliance 
sk112572   Monitor Mode on SMB appliances running Gaia Embedded OS
sk112574   Unable to change the VPN re-authentication timeout for Mobile VPN / Capsule Connect / Capsule VPN client on Locally Managed SMB appliance  
sk112634   "Can not delete this object because it is in use" message when trying to delete service on SMB appliance
sk112716   Web SSL VPN Portal authentication fails with "Invalid username or password"
sk112727   'Route All Traffic Through This Site' with 3rd Party Gateways
sk112735   Static routes using an internet connection other than the primary one will not be effective
sk112736   Check Point response to Leap Second introduced in UTC on 31 December 2016 
sk112758   How to configure FTP server on 600/700 appliance to use FTP port w/o forwarding Passive Mode ports 
sk112831   SFWD process consumes CPU at high level on Centrally Managed SMB appliances in cluster mode
sk112873   1100 VPN down with error: INVALID-EXCHANGE-TYPE
sk112893   Eicar test file is recognized as 2 different Anti-Virus malwares on 600/700 appliance
sk112898   IPS Performance on 1450 appliance
sk112954   Some HTTPS sites do not load when HTTPS Inspection is enabled, if TLS 1.2 with ECDHE cipher is used
sk113013   Cluster does not synchronize Rules and Objects after the Certificate re-initialization on locally managed SMB 600/700 appliances
sk113025   S2S VPN HA between two 700 appliances does not perform VPN failover on PPPoE Connection
sk113026   Installing Database (user database) fails for 1100 appliance
sk113028   Only some IPS records show rule numbers in Security Logs 
sk113029   Configuration of NAT rule via CLI on Check Point 600 / 700 appliances fails
sk113030   VTI interfaces cannot be created between two Satellite Gateways in the same VPN Star community
sk113039   SMB ClusterXL and VPN HA do not work upon Cluster-failover
sk113090   Collect endless SFWD logs in GAIA embedded appliances
sk113091   User redirected to captive portal during 1st logon of the day on SMB appliances
sk113093   Identity Sharing Not Working For 1120 Device
sk113113   Security Management Servers and supported managed Security Gateways
sk113116   Enforce safe browsing on search engines
sk113122   Cannot reach the encryption domain while connected with L2TP on SMB appliance 
sk113161   Top command shows more than 100% CPU utilization for a process
sk113234   Access rules for AD groups are applied on all hosts behind SMB appliances Security Gateways
sk113237   Kerberos Single sign on does not work for Captive portal on 1400 SMB appliance 
sk113246   Wake On LAN (WOL) does not work between different subnets on SMB appliances
sk113247   Maximum number of VLAN and VAPs for Gaia Embedded Appliances
sk113248   How to clear 3D reports on 600/1100 700/1400 locally managed appliances
sk113252    Secondary SMB cluster member configuration fails
sk113253    fw_loader crashes when installing policy on multiple 1100 Branch Office Appliances
sk113254    When connecting to 1100/1400 appliances, Capsule VPN/Capsule Connect unable to reach resources in encryption domain
sk113360   "Couldn't retrieve blades information" manual activation error
sk113395   How to run the First Time Configuration Wizard through CLI in Gaia Embedded OS
sk113397   Cannot resolve MEP Gateway error presented in the Smart Viewtracker logs from 1100 gateway, once the external link is recovered
sk113502   Policy installation and SIC test fail on SMB appliance
sk113516   How to make core files get generated with PID and module name on SMB appliances
sk113537   On SMB appliances, L2TP client can access an internal or Internet resources, but not Both
sk113554   How to reset the existing expert password on SMB device
sk113563   PPPoE connection fails to come up after disconnection on 600/1100 appliances
sk113573   How to configure VoIP on Locally Managed 600 / 700 / 1100 / 1200R / 1400 / 900 appliances
sk113652   Port Scanning shows incorrect FW open ports 600 / 700 /1200R/1400 SMB appliances
sk113692   "Authentication failed (server error)" on accessing the appliance WebUI after entering correct credentials
sk113693   Remote Access VPN to an appliance behind a NAT device fails when IPSec is used
sk113712   Terminal Server support for 'User Awareness' blade on SMB locally managed appliances
sk113713   Back connection to Remote Access clients connected to Locally Managed SMB device
sk113739   Cannot create custom OID on Check Point 600 / 700 / 1100 / 1200R / 1400 SMB Appliances
sk113741   How to set a new Expert password on SMB appliances (600/700/1100/1200R/1400)
sk113812   VPN_Tunnel_State OID does not show information within MIB browser and SNMP on SMB appliances
sk113832   Identity Awareness debugging not working properly on appliances running on the Gaia Embedded OS
sk114016    Cannot assign Alias IP address on Internet-connection of Locally managed SMB appliance
sk114017    Unable to Assign multiple Static IP addresess on the same internet interface on 600/1100/1200R/700/1400 appliances
sk114018   Unable to connect to Skype Application using port 5061 (pre-defined TCP service)
sk114033   How to Change the Web UI Session Timeout on SMB Appliance 600/700/1100/1200R/1400
sk114217   Bond / Link aggregated interfaces on SMB appliances  
sk114394   Application Control does not block Facebook App it is still accessible on locally managed SMB Appliances
sk114414   Broadcasted Wifi SSID randomly disappears on 600/700/1100/1400 appliances
sk114437   "Error has occurred while applying the Network Objects settings (error 00362)" is displayed in the System Notification pop-up after re-initializing certificates
sk114473   How to show the ADSL sync speed on SMB appliances
sk114492   Failed to connect with L2TP to second Internet interface in locally managed SMB Appliances
sk114531   Configuring Proxy ARP for Manual Static NAT on locally managed SMB appliances
sk114596   Multicast traffic not forwarded over bridged interfaces on SMB appliances
sk114638   "Invalid format for domain or email" error in Gaia Portal of SMB appliance when adding a Top-Level Domain to the Anti-Spam Block List
sk114652   Configuration of VPN High Availability (HA) towards two gateways on locally managed SMB appliance
sk114658   LAN interfaces pass traffic during boot on 730/750/1430/1450 appliances
sk114675   Cannot access 700 /1400 SMB appliance via WebUI or SSH with "MSS clamping" enabled  
sk114735   SmartProvisioning Configuration script does not work for 1180 SMB appliance 
sk114754   Manually configured local encryption domain blocks traffic to locally managed SMB appliance
sk114755   SmartProvisioning LSM gateways cannot establish IKEv2 VPN tunnel
sk114765   No traffic shown in "tcpdump" and "fw monitor" between hosts connected to different physical ports that are part of local switch interface of 60/700/1100/1400 appliance
sk114806   ATRG: Threat Emulation
sk114859   SMBv2 and SMBv3 not logging accessed shares when configured in CIFS Resource object
sk114973    Migration from UTM-1 Edge / SMB Appliances to maintrain Appliances fails
sk114981   ntpq command is not working in Gaia Embedded OS
sk114994   Anti-Spam does not block POP3 emails from "Block List" by Sender IP on locally managed SMB appliances
sk115108   QoS rules do not apply when the internet connection(s) uses a VLAN ID on SMB appliances
sk115225   Restoring backup from one 1100 appliance to another is failing and causing a revert to factory default
sk115229   Locally Managed SMB appliances not showing all Application Control's applications
sk115251   License is showing as "No Service" on an SMB Appliance
sk115265   Policy installation fails on 1200R appliance when Application Control Blade is enabled
sk115356   Location of 'traps.h' files on Security Management Server
sk115412   Internet settings changes in SMB cluster are overridden/lost after a fail-over
sk115413   Manually configured S2S certificate based VPN between two SMB appliances fails when both are connected to cloud SMP
sk115414   VPN traffic doesn't pass between S2S SMB Cluster-To-3rd party peers when SecureXL is on
sk115415   VPN and normal traffic is blocked on "Rulebase drop - (Unknown)" for locally managed SMB appliances
sk115417   How to enable hosts behind a SMB appliance to resolve domain names defined in remote site AD/DC
sk115432   Anti-Virus blade identifies Microsoft Office extension files (xlsx,docx,pptx) as zip files and treats them according to its policy
sk115433   On SMB appliances, Anti-Virus blade scans all files [incoming and outgoing] for FTP protocol regardless of the 'Protected scope' direction
sk115434   How to change the SSH Keep-Alive Timeout on 600 / 1100 / 1200R SMB Appliances
sk115435   VPN Site-to-Site going through a locally managed SMB appliance is not established
sk115476   How to access an internal routed network (LAN behind LAN) via Client to Site VPN on SMB appliance
sk115479   Locally Managed Cluster Gateways cannot be managed by SMP
sk115543   When attempting to access SMP R12.11 an Error is displayed: "General Error, Failed to start SMP, Index: 0, Size: 0"
sk115552   SMB appliances are unable to fetch SMP Root CA and External CAs once connected to the SMP
sk115612   No ping to AWS encryption domain, although VPN between locally managed SMB device and AWS is established
sk115636   No data in Reports while using SHA-384 authentication method on VPN configuration of SMB appliance
sk115646   SMP does not send weekly reports for SMB appliance connected to it
sk115718   How to ground a SMB Appliance
sk115722   Monitoring blade is grayed out on 1100 SMB appliance object
sk115775   How to change the default VPN remote access cryptography protocol in SMB appliances
sk115854   "Cannot establish connection to SSL Network Extender gateway. Try to reconnect" message when trying to connect via SNX after firmware was upgraded to R77.20.51 (or above)
sk115868   VPN Link Selection does not work if SMB device has two Internet connections with same default GW
sk115874   "Management rejected fetch for this module - version matching problem" error when installing policy on 1400 SMB appliance
sk115935   Emails with large attachments fail to arrive when MS Exchange is configured behind SMB appliance and Anti-spam is turned on
sk115952   SMB appliance license cannot be activated after a replacement of the RMA unit
sk115992   What are the MTBF values for Check Point Appliances?  
sk115993   Anti-Virus POP3 hits seen in security logs are not displayed in the security reports of locally managed SMB appliances
sk115999   Security Management Portal (SMP) may sometimes show SMB gateway as disconnected (most easily seen by the icons on the map) although the gateway is connected
sk116019   Hosts behind LAN switches other than LAN1 switch are unable to fetch emails using POP3 on locally managed SMB appliances
sk116115   SMB appliances content based Anti-Spam does not support BDAT traffic (ESMTP/chunking)
sk116135   "Invalid Input - Cannot change Switch Pivot" error on SMB Appliances when trying to change a switch port
sk116256   When SMB appliance is in monitor mode, there is a mismatch in the report for the main and monitor SMB appliance.
sk116338   How to configure User Awareness to see Specific Active Directory Organization Unit on SMB appliance 
sk116342   "Couldn't retrieve blades information" error when importing activation file for SMB appliance  
sk116359   "bad interpreter: No such file or directory" error when running script on SMB appliance   
sk116362   "Error has occurred while compiling signatures (error 00365)" error on blade update failure 
sk116365   "unlink: command not found" error when removing symbolic link on SMB device 
sk116375   Zero Touch Provisioning for SMB appliances
sk116454   Reports show a future time after a manual upgrade of an SMB appliance to R77.20.51
sk116459   Traffic to RADIUS server from SMB appliance on Site to Site VPN, coming with source IP of WAN IF
sk116465   Licensing on SMB appliances
sk116576   How to establish Client-to-Site VPN from Linux machine to locally managed SMB aplliance
sk116602   Cannot configure specific interface or direction in QoS rule for centrally managed SMB appliance
sk116729   Warning messages for QOS policy installation on SMB appliances  
sk116861   Policy installation fails with "SIC General Failure [ SIC error no. 148 ]" error
sk116981   SMB appliance scheduled firmware upgrade not starting
sk117032   Viewing Gateway search results in SMP returns nothing
sk117033   Duplicate plan names are shown in SMP
sk117034   'Log Server - no connection. Please contact your administrator' is shown on SMP log page
sk117113   SandBlast Zero-day Protection Threat Emulation in 1200R/1400 SMB appliances managed by R77.30 Security Management / Multi-Domain Management 
sk117217   NetFlow 'InputInt' and 'OutputInt' parameters show interfaces of index 0 on SMB appliances 
sk117218   Check Point response to Intel Elevation of Privilege vulnerability in Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), Intel Small Business Technology (SBT), and Intel Standard Manageability (ISM)
sk117236   "cphaprob -l list" command shows that Device "routed_watchdog" reports its state as "problem" on Gaia Embedded cluster member
sk117272   "show configuration" output does not list BGP configuration commands
sk117473   SMB gateway managed via SmartProvisioning cannot fetch policy after major upgrade
sk117474   How to troubleshoot upgrades of SMB device over SmartProvisioning
sk117545   MAC addresses of 1100 appliances are not shown in SmartProvisioning
sk117579   User Awareness DC server synchronization period on SMB device cannot be changed  
sk117582   Trusted links stop working for several minutes after policy installation  
sk117592   Is Link Aggregation supported on Gaia Embedded Appliances?  
sk117593   Unable to create a Captive Portal exception rule/list on locally managed SMB appliances
sk117713   "Main Mode local machine configured not to respond to unknown IP addresses" error on locally managed SMB appliance
sk117714   Audio in H323 call works only in one way through Site-to-Site VPN if call started behind centrally managed 1100/1200R/1400 appliance
sk117793   Policy installation / fetch fails on Centrally Managed 1400 appliance
sk117832   How to open "Kerberos" protocol between two local networks of locally managed appliance, when Firewall on a "Strict" mode
sk117912   Traffic counter cannot be reset back to "zero" on locally managed SMB appliance
sk118035   Managing Firewall Access Policy from the Security Management Portal R12.30
sk118083   sms daemon does not start on startup
sk118280   Threat Emulation emulates URLs that end with ".com", as "*.com" files
sk118293   Reports show incorrect bandwidth usage on locally managed SMB appliance
sk118539   How to disable and remove Kaspersky Labs components from Check Point Security Gateway
sk118552   Cannot add an Interface with a USB analog modem through CLI on SMB appliance
sk118796   Remote Access client connected to SMB appliance cannot reach internal network via Remote Access when Secure Configuration Verification (SCV) enabled  
sk118816   IPv6 support for 700 / 1200R / 1400 SMB Appliances  
sk119152   Interfaces table is empty in Centrally managed 1400 appliances cluster
sk119412   Threat Emulation blade shows "No Service" in SMB locally managed appliances when having an EBP contract type
sk119415   How to force originating VPN connections from local gateway to use an internal interface IP instead of the external IP WAN/DMZ in SMB locally managed appliances
sk119473   Cannot create a network object with multicast network address on SMB appliances
sk119474   VPN tunnels are interrupted when adding/removing gateway members to the relevant SMP VPN community
sk119633   How to remotely reset Admin / Expert password on Centrally Managed 1100 / 12000R / 1400 appliance from a Security Management Server
sk119832 SmartDashboard does not get the topology of VTI interfaces from cluster members running on Gaia Embedded OS
sk119892   Tunnel is up and ICMP packets are sent encrypted but no response received
sk120136   "The device is in Maintenance mode" and "Get Remote OS - SIC authentication Failure" for 1100 / 1200R / 1400 appliance managed by SmartProvisioning
sk120139   Locally managed SMB Appliance does not initiate VPN tunnel
sk120233   Cannot change the SSH port on SMB appliance using "Run Script" from SmartProvisioning
sk120264   Clustering 1400 appliances with MAC overrides causes matching MAC addresses on both members
sk120297   How to remove DHCP Leases from SMB Gaia Embedded appliances
sk120332    How and what information is shared with Check Point PRO
sk120344   WebUI gets stuck when adding new VPN site on locally managed SMB appliances
sk120463   "IKE: Main mode cannot complete certificate chain" error with vSMP gateways
sk120512   Firmware upgrade paths for 600/700/900/1100/1400/1200R appliances
sk120555   How to allow Skype for Business services on SMB appliances
sk120656   Cannot delete network objects on SMB appliances
sk120676   PCI compliance scan fails on locally managed 600 / 700 / 1100 / 1200R / 1400 SMB appliances
sk120713   How to disable TCP Timestamps on SMB appliances
sk120812   Editing sdopts.rec file on SMB Appliances does not survive cpstop;cpstart / reboot / fail-over/ fail-back  
sk120938   Check Point response to WPA2 Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK)   
sk121032   How to Install a MAC-Based appliance license on SG80/600/700/1100/1200R/1400 appliance
sk121096   How to configure cluster between locally managed SMB appliances  
sk121114   "Fragmentation needed" error on dropped packets sent through tunnel
sk121126   Hosts are not able to ping to their own default gateway on locally managed SMB appliances
sk121193   How to configure specific VPN site to use secondary internet connection on locally managed SMB appliances  
sk121199   Hotspot portal is not accessible through HTTPS.
sk121214   SSL Inspection on Locally Managed 700/1400/1200R appliances
sk121216   Postmaster sends notifications to receiver that spam was blocked by AS blade  
sk121355   CALL_XLATE_FOLD_FUNC error when installing policy on Gaia Embedded device from R80x Security Management
sk121442   Failed to see all Active Directory groups in locally managed SMB appliance
sk121444   VPN traffic does not utilize CoreXL on SMB appliances
sk121603   Enabling Route Based VPN disables CoreXL functionality on R77.20.xx Gaia Embedded appliances
sk121604   Policy installation fails only on SMB devices after Application Control & URL Filtering blades are enabled
sk121608   Many 'bind - Address already in use' records in messages file of SMB appliances
sk121634   Locally managed SMB appliances in a cluster do not synchronize
sk121733   Cannot unassign LAN interfaces on SMB locally managed appliances
sk121737   Failed to search security logs by date on SMB locally managed appliances running R77.20.60
sk121740   How to configure unnumbered VTI on SMB Appliances
sk121818   Changing VPN configurations on Locally managed appliance fails with "Error 00357"
sk121859   Cannot configure WINS server for Remote Access VPN clients on Locally Managed SMB devices
sk121949   Some traffic is not encrypted through route based VPN
sk122012   How to configure alternative IPv4 static routes on SMB appliances after an Internet-connection probing failure
sk122097   "An unexpected error has occurred. You may still be able to continue working normally. Please retry accessing the web page in a short while. (500)" error when redirect to UserCheck page on SMB appliances
sk122156    Disk space issues on Gaia Embedded appliance when running debugs
sk122177   Unable to view WebUI tabs labels and login on SMB appliances
sk122184   Unable to create new VPN domain at the gateway wizard for for SMB appliances
sk122192   After rebooting the SMB appliance, Incorrect self-signed certificate is presented for the Web portal instead of the certificate assigned by the admin
sk122205   Check Point Response to Intel Side Channel Attacks (Meltdown, Spectre, Foreshadow) (CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5754, CVE-2018-3693, CVE-2018-3639, CVE-2018-3640, CVE-2018-3620, CVE-2018-3646, CVE-2018-3615)
sk122209   Norton Security Toolbar extension on Google Chrome browser prevents the appliance WebUI from loading
sk122256   How to configure OSPF over VTI on locally managed SMB appliance
sk122259   How to create a new account in Check Point Cloud SMP
sk122276   SMB appliances fail to upgrade firmware
sk122484   "Connection hold failed due to TCP retransmission limit" seen in security logs of SMB appliances while configured in bridge mode
sk122486   R80.20 GA and R80.20 Management Feature Release Known Limitations
sk122659   Cluster in Active-Standby bridge mode in 1200R / 1400 centrally managed appliances
sk122693   "A connection error occurred" during automatic update check on SMB appliance
sk122892   Windows NLB multicast server cannot fetch mails from behind 600/700/1100/1400 device 
sk123014   "Installation failed. Reason: Failed to load Policy on Security Gateway" error on 1100/1400 appliance
sk123015   Centrally Managed 1100 appliance does not send logs to the Security Management Server
sk123035   Application Control & URL Filtering blade does not work properly on locally managed SMB appliances that deploy tag based VLANs over bridge mode
sk123036   How to tune the memory allocation for Tomcat services in SMP
sk123049   How to delete old Tomcat log files on on-site SMPs
sk123052   "The port is already in use" warning when port 444 is used in any NAT rule
sk123112    After a link failover on an SMB appliance, tunnel test packets are sent from an internal LAN instead of an external IP
sk123297    Upgrade failed for SMB appliances from R77.20.20 to higher version  
sk123364     netstat output in Gaia embedded appliances does not display the process ID (PID)
sk123499    SMB Device does not complete boot and enters Maintenance Mode
sk123614    Cannot add an Active Directory Group to Remote Access VPN on SMB Appliances
sk123714    Unable to open Apple link on SMB appliances - page is not reloaded
sk123740    SmartProvisioning GUI shows blank Action Status pop-up on SMB appliances
sk123794    HTTPS Inspection can be configured but does not work when the URLF blade is off
sk123858    Identity Collector support on SMB Appliances
sk123865    LED indicators on Embedded GAIA appliances
sk124132    Safe search does not work in Google Chrome search engine on SMB appliance
sk124872    CHAP support for Gaia and Gaia Embedded OS
sk125096    In SMB and Branch Office Appliances, the Antivirus blade prevents 3rd-party software clients from connecting to the server
sk125097    In SMB and Branch Office Appliances, the upload speed is limited to 3mb\sec while passing the Firewall
sk125293    Configuring WebUI access port to 443 on Gaia Embedded fails
sk125434    Site to site VPN between centrally managed Branch Office appliances and Azure fails
sk125673    How to check SMB appliances' serial number?
sk126372    Policy installation on SMB appliances fails with "Load on Module failed - not enough disc space"
sk126373    High memory consumption on SMB appliances if Anti ARP Spoofing is set to 'Detect'
sk126374    Threat Prevention infected hosts log shows hosts with external IPs in locally managed SMB appliances
sk127172    After upgrading from R77.20.60 on Gaia Embedded, RADIUS authentication stops working
sk127392    SmartProvisioning does not show MAC address for SMB appliances
sk127692    Policy installation fails on SMB device with dynamic IP address
sk127752    Assigning office mode from RADIUS is not working on SMB appliances
sk127852    Unable to add new outgoing rule in SMB appliance
sk128092    Policy installation to Centrally Managed SMB device fails due to lack of disk space
sk128652    Troubleshooting "site is not responding" Issues  
sk129792    BGP / OSPF does not survive cluster failover on Gaia Embedded appliances in HA configuration
sk130034    Port forwarding to a server with custom port from a different LAN is not working
sk130053    Cannot add URL to custom URL object in general category
sk130094    Login to WebUI fails
sk130452    DSL connection is not established on 700/1400 appliance
sk130793    SMB devices with Smart Provisioning support of SNMP on VPN tunnels
sk131292    On SMB Appliances, Dead Peer Detection (DPD) packets are not sent when establishing a VPN site-to-site with a 3rd party peer
sk131293    Error generating the report message is seen in the WebUI when trying to generate reports in locally managed SMB appliances
sk131413    PPPoE Active Discovery Termination (PADT) is not sent when PPPoE interface (WAN/DMZ) is disabled on SMB appliances
sk132012    External hosts are redirected to authenticate via Captive portal if Browser Based Authentication (BBA) is enabled
sk132574    Inconsistencies exist between policies installed on the cluster members. Please reinstall the policy on the cluster on SMB locally managed appliances
sk133132    Office 365 installation is causing SMB appliance to freeze
sk133152    Recommended authentication method in IKE for IPsec VPN
sk133153    Check Point Response to Oracle Java SE Vulnerabilities July 2018
sk133252    Rules mismatch when Manually configured Security Zones object used
sk134253    Check Point response to SegmentSmack (CVE-2018-5390) and FragmentSmack (CVE-2018-5391)
sk134373    Can users configure Email Alerts from SMP?
sk134453    Are optic cables supported with Check Point Appliances? 
sk134535    Threat Emulation blade in Trial mode shows an expired quota for locally managed SMB appliances
sk134536    Cannot disable CRL validation on 600/1100 appliances using CLISH
sk134572    Check Point response to Bleichenbacher oracle cryptographic attack (IKEv1/IKEv2)
sk135133    "CA certificate for this certificate not found" when trying to upload a signed request by an intermediate CA on locally managed SMB appliances
sk135332    Console is not connecting after restoring to Factory Default
sk135393    Client to Site VPN traffic that is connected to Vlan'd interface with SXL on causes the appliance to reboot
sk135433    Blocking Applications and Categories from the SMP
sk135672    Reset SIC for SMB Devices without Downtime
sk135792    1100/1400 SMB appliance Security logs sent to wrong Management IP address 
sk135872    "No matches found" error when configuring an AD Authentication Server on Embedded GAIA appliance
sk136513    New Batch of 1200R release for Small and Medium Business Appliances
sk136812    SFWD crashes after enabling HTTPS Inspection on locally managed SMB appliances
sk137115    Wrong redirect to Captive portal on locally managed SMB appliances
sk137335    Loopback IP is shown for connections using Reach My Device (RMD) URL to access embedded Gaia appliances instead of the original source IP
sk137336    Remote Access connections fail when the external interface is configured on 31 prefix in embedded Gaia appliances 
sk137432    Dynamic object rule is not being hit by the intended traffic on a 1400 appliance
sk137732    2FA [Factor Authentication] support for remote access VPN in locally managed SMB appliances
sk138192    How to configure BGP on SMB gateways with VPN
sk138892    How to generate a CPinfo file on a Gaia Embedded SMB Gateway
sk138893    How to create Centrally managed cluster for Embedded Gaia SMB gateways
sk138193    Unable to establish SIC between SMB appliances and Security Management Server with IP that ends with 255  
sk138253    How to configure BGP in SMB gateways for non-VPN environment
sk138912    Cannot enable multiple WAN interfaces on 700/1400 SMB apppliances
sk139133    Fan speed messages in /var/log/messages on SMB appliance
sk139432    Check Point response to CVE-2018-9206 (Blueimp jQuery-File-Upload)
sk139692    /logs fill up to 100% on Small and Medium Business Appliances
sk140272    4G USB device does not use the APN defined in the WebUI of an SMB appliance
sk140312    QoS policy doesn't affect VDSL Internet connection(s) on locally managed SMB appliances
sk140393    Configuration of the Lab for IMAPS for Linux
sk140972    SMP system reports do not show status of security blades for locally managed Small and Medium Business Appliances
sk141112    When using IKEv2 Branch Office/Ruggedized appliance initiates tunnel with KEY_ID instead of IPv4_ADDR with 3rd party peers
sk141132    DHCP Relay reply packets do not reach bootp interface on centrally managed SMB ClusterXL
sk141212    The Check Point anti-bot "Anti-Virus displays an error Update failed, Contract entitlement failed,Internal error occured"
sk141312    Standby members in Small and Medium Business appliance clusters are not affected by dynamic routing
sk141335    Remote Access routes not downloaded from Remote Access Encryption Domain when connecting to centrally managed SMB Cluster
sk141472    Cluster fails with multiple VLANs on the same LAN interface
sk141474    Adding bridge command in Clish mode failed 
sk141475    Output of show servers command does not include the outside port on SMB appliances 
sk141512    Checking for a firmware upgrade fails on Small and Medium Business Appliances running R77.20.81 B2525
sk141852    Assigning VAP to wired LAN interface causes configuration modifying issue
sk141953    Unable to open specific HTTPS sites when SSL Inspection is enabled on locally managed SMB appliances
sk142052    Unable to use special characters for VPN pre-shared secret password: ( ) { } # < > / \ % " ? % ...
sk142272    How to show link-speed on 700/1400 appliances when ethtool cannot be used
sk143274    Manual upgrade from R77.20.80 or older images to R77.20.85 might fail due to a timeout on SMB Appliances
sk143472    Browser-based authentication option does not allow the use of an external portal 
sk143492    Bridge Internet connection is deleted when modifying the DHCP relay in the bridge interface configuration
sk143932    ClusterXL flapping due to "Interface Active Check" problem on the Sync interface
sk144253    How to format an SD card on an SMB appliance
sk144632    How to see the supported ciphers and HMACs of the SSH protocol
sk144732    Editing a bridged internet connection in the Local Network tab deletes the internet connection
sk144934    "Unable to retrieve information from User Center (Connection timeout)" error, license activation fails on SMB Appliances running R77.20.60
sk144952    "The remote SSH server is configured to allow weak MD5 and/or 96-bit MAC algorithms" message, vulnerability scan fails
sk145553    "System Notification Error has occurred while applying the Qos settings (error 00356)" on SMB appliances#

sk145693    "ERROR: Install/Update Image from USB failed" when trying to upgrade an SMB appliance using a USB
sk146214    "SYSTEM ERROR An internal error has occurred" message on firmware R77.20.85 Build 990172731, when try to open the "VPN Remote Access connected users view" tab
sk146216    On SMB appliances, iOS device does not send DNS requests to internal PBX correctly while connected to Capsule VPN
sk146217    Security Gateway does not recognize users who upgrade to R77.20.85 Build 990172731 when Hotspot is enabled
sk146218    Setting "VPN Remote Access - Allow simultaneous login" to "false" still allows simultaneous VPN login for the same user
sk146952    Adding/Removing VLANs post-cluster-configuration on locally-managed SMB appliances causes various issues
sk147092    "Invalid object name. Name should begin with a letter and contain up to 32 alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, _~-.) characters" error, when creating Server Object using Static NAT option
sk147112    "Invalid object name. Name should begin with a letter and contain up to 32 alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, _~-.) characters" error, when creating a NAT rule with Source/Destination IP
sk147415    How to block port 264 in Small and Medium Business Appliances
sk147535    Cannot deploy an SMB device via Zero Touch using not DHCP Internet connection
sk147552    Check Point response to CVE-2018-20346(Magellan), CVE-2018-20505, CVE-2018-20506
sk147553    Output of 'show nat-rules' command does not show "Auto Generated" NAT rules on embedded Gaia appliances
sk147560    Policy installation fails on SMB devices with error: "Installation failed. Reason: IP = X.X.X.X is not available right now"
sk147562    Blades are turned off or operate only partially when a trial license expires on a locally managed SMB appliance#
sk147792    VPN client-to-site users are unable to reach the local encryption domain in Small and Medium Business Appliances
sk147562    Blades are turned off or operate only partially when a trial license expires on a locally managed SMB appliance
sk147792    VPN client-to-site users are unable to reach the local encryption domain in Small and Medium Business Appliances
sk148473    "Error generating the report" message in WebUI when trying to generate reports in locally managed SMB appliances
sk148672    How to send security logs from an SMB Gateway to an on-premise Check Point Log Server when managed by SMP (Cloud)
sk148732    WatchTower Account Creation Error
sk148834    Managing the Email Notification Policy on the Security Management Portal (SMP)
sk148952    "Warning: Can't find ::CPAP-AP910 in cp.macro. License version might be not compatible fw: no license for 'blades' Error: No valid license." message on 900 series appliance running R77.20.80 firmware

sk148992    "Error has occurred while applying the NAT settings (error 00358)" when configuring Server Objects on SMB appliances
sk149293    Failed to save SMB device object
sk149875    Policy installation on SMB appliances fails with "Error: syntax error", "Error compiling IPv6 flavor" and "Operation ended with errors"
sk150192    Ping tests fail when remote access clients connect to SMB appliance
sk150392    "Failed to finalize the restore process" error, when executing the command 'show restore-settings-log' on SMB appliances
sk150412    Registration of locally managed SMB appliance to Reach My Device service failed
sk150432    "Illegal characters in application-group name" error when adding applications with white spaces to an application group via the CLI
sk150472    SMB appliances randomly fail to communicate with SmartProvisioning
sk150852    900 appliance is not displayed in the in SMP Plans note
sk150872    SMP PDF reports from 910 appliance are shown as from 792 appliance
sk150972    After changing hostname, locally managed 1400 appliance cannot access WebUI for gateway management
sk151052    Traffic is not passing through S2S VPN tunnel to SMB appliances
sk151114    "fwaccel off" does not affect disabling acceleration of VPN tunnels in R80.20 and above
sk151552    "Failed to finalize the restore process" error on SMB appliances, when trying to restore settings from a USB device or a TFTP sever Changing host name loses connectivity for WebUI
sk151895    Cloning a manual incoming access rule causes a mismatch between the WebUI and CLI when using SMB Appliances
sk152032    An SMB appliance behind a NAT device does not update the DDNS provider when the device's IP address changes
sk152072    Shutting down SMB appliances 600, 700, 1100, 1200R, and 1400--FAQs
sk153054    OID polling does not show expected results on SMB Appliances with version R77.20.86
sk153375    Unable to reach internal portals listening on port 443 on embedded Gaia appliances
sk153433    R77.20.87 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator
sk153452    SFWD stops working when remote access is configured
sk153832    ATRG: SecureXL for R80.20 and above
sk153913    Changes in SmartLSM Security Gateway are not applied in robo-IKE.NDB
sk154073    3G/4G modem MF833V with RBD_MF833VV1.0.0B01 firmware version does not work with the device
sk154132    "Unknown field" error pops up when configuring an SMB appliance's IPS load thresholds in the WebUI
sk154152    "Failed to read file" error pops up when adding a CA certificate to an SMB appliance
sk154212    "The policy for the selected blades cannot be installed on Gateway 'LSM-Profile'" when installing a Threat Prevention policy on an LSM profile

sk154213    SMB does not send logs - Configuration error: SIC is not defined for the log server

sk154254    The feature "Location Aware Connectivity" is not supported on locally-managed SMB appliances
sk154594    To make changes on trac_client_1.ttm - Sorry, this solution is deleted and can only be viewed by Check Point employees.
sk154713    "An internal error has occurred. If the problem persists please contact Check Point Technical Assistance Center. Web server error" when logging into the GUI
sk154812    CloudGuard Connect - Help & Support
sk155172    Authenticating to SMB appliances using only the first 8 characters of the Administrator password is allowed
sk155292    SMB appliance replies to IKE traffic on Load Balancer destination MAC, not next hop destination MAC
sk155352    How to prevent disconnections in VPN when applying new policy on locally-managed SMB appliances
sk155413    When using NAT commands in zero_touch_pre_conf.clish script, then Internet connection is lost
sk155574    CloudGuard Connect - What's New?
sk155912    Connecting Huawei E3372 dongle (4G) to 1400/1100/1200R appliances fails
sk156192    Check Point response to TCP SACK PANIC - Linux Kernel vulnerabilities - CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478 & CVE-2019-11479
sk156632    How to manage the Access Control Policy of CloudGuard Connect from SmartConsole
sk156792    How to run lookup for unknown ports on SMB appliances
sk156952    "Your connection is not private" error when accessing SMB appliances connected to SMP via their vSMP DDNs
sk156933    Wireless LAN configuration fails if it includes diacritic characters
sk157072    Unable to install policy on multiple SMB devices from R80.x Management Server
sk157076    Policy installation on 1100 appliances time-out on R80.20 Security Management Server
sk157155    SMB appliance's administrator Access Settings configured from SMP are not displayed in its WebUI and clish
sk157172    How to apply a SMB appliance's administrator access settings that are configured from the SMP
sk157413    "Certificate is already installed" pop-up error when trying to add a new trusted CA to a locally managed SMB appliance
sk158092   Unexpected routing rule is shown when VTIs are configured on SMB appliances
sk158333   SIC certificates do not renew automatically on Centrally managed SMB appliances
sk158752    Unexpected behavior of locally managed SMB appliances when trying to pull POP3 emails
sk158832    "Failed to find the requested switch" error in CLI is displayed when adding LAN ports to a LAN10_Switch on SMB appliances
sk159252    On SMB appliances, when the Threat Prevention blades are all on, some legitimate emails are dropped randomly on the SMTP protocol
sk159292    Unable to connect to SMB appliance WebUI when ESET SSL/TLS protocol filtering is enabled
sk159693    How to resolve a Wi-Fi and product SKU mismatch on 1500 appliances
sk159712    USB-C console connector for 1500 appliances
sk159953    Site choice is missing from the menu options after creating a site to centrally managed SMB gateways
sk160312   Pushing settings and actions on SMB appliance fails with "Command 'push_settings_and_actions' returned with error -2147215991" error
sk160852   Location of custom_mgmt_IP and custom_logserver_IP files in centrally managed SMB devices
sk160853   Masters file IP address change not taking effect on centrally managed Gaia Embedded appliance
sk160972   Disk space issues on SMB appliances when running VPN kernel debug
sk161172   1200R appliance does not fetch policy after an IP change on Management
sk161272   CloudGuard Edge
sk161532   How to reset SIC on a Centrally Managed SMB Appliance
sk161892   CloudGuard Edge Known Limitations - R77.20.87
sk161972   User Awareness account is locked out
sk161975   postgres consumes high CPU on SmartProvisioning/LSM
sk162472   How to force NAT-T on Gaia Embedded devices
sk162515   Status of Intel CVEs
sk162538   After an upgrade to R77.20.87, some HTTPS sites give a certificate error when SSL inspection is enabled
sk162754   Remote Access is not restricted per Active Directory Group on locally manage SMB
sk162794   Cannot disable weak SSH ciphers in Gaia Embedded
sk163052   Not able to get RIPv2 working over virtual tunnel interface (VTI)
sk163234   Unable to check firmware upgrades on an SMB appliance while proxy is configured
sk163296   Management Platforms per SMB Appliance
sk163313   R80.30 IPv6 features and limitations
sk163318   Bridge Control Protocol on SMB appliances
sk163334   Can IPS protection "Repetitive SMTP Login Failures" be triggered on locally managed SMB appliances?
sk163412   Syslog over VPN reports random hostname or log origin
sk163496   Centrally managed SMB 1100/1200R/1400/1500 appliance is unable to connect to the Security Management Server
sk163513   Cluster failover based on ping probing failure does not work with ISP Redundancy
sk163658   A host is reported by the SMB appliance as "infected" or "possibly infected" even though it was scanned and protected by an Endpoint protection
sk163914   Cannot attach an LSM profile to a 1500 Branch Office Appliance (in SmartProvisioning) on Multi-Domain Management
sk164017   Active member in cluster crash or rebooting
sk164018   Missing configuration items in output of the 'show configuration' command on SMB appliances
sk164056    "An internal error has occurred" when trying to replace an internal CA using a third-party certificate in SMB appliances
sk164097    USB 4G Huawei Modem is unable to connect after an upgrade to R77.20.87 firmware
sk164098    IMAP emails that contain attachments are not readable on Android devices when Anti-Virus or Threat Emulation blade is enabled on SMB appliances
sk164113    Cannot select 1550 appliance from the list of appliances in R80.x GUI
sk164152   Hosts and Servers in NIC teaming mode do not work correctly with SMB appliances
sk164237   Supported gateways for IoT Discovery Service
sk164315   kiss_kthread has high CPU usage on 1100 ,1200R or 1400 appliance
sk164319   Policy-Based Routing (PBR) and VPN in SMB device
sk164236   How many events can the 'Notifications' page in the WebUI of an SMB appliance show?
sk164356   SIP phones behind SMB appliances fail to pull contacts from external PBX
sk164720   Policy installation fails on R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix Take 249 and higher on SMB R77.20 Gateways
sk164793   How to disable SecureXL for specific ports on SMB appliances
sk165001   SMB cluster fails over to standby member every few minutes
sk165121   Download speed decreases significantly when Internet connections are in Load Balancing mode
sk165123   Wi-Fi channel does not change automatically as result of deterioration of channel quality
sk165252   SMP domain is limited to 5000 appliances
sk165452   System logs page is not working on Safari web browser
sk165478   CloudGuard Edge for Versa Networks
sk165479   CloudGuard Edge for Citrix SD-Wan
sk165552   IKE traffic is being dropped for "Connection contains real IP of NATed address"
sk165613   R80.40 Policy Installation failure to a Branch Office Appliance involving a RemoteAccess community, due to unsupported VPN Domains
sk165714   Security Zones of bridge mode do not work on centrally managed 1400 appliances in R77.20.87
sk165773   VPN instability on 1400 Security Gateway using DAIP
sk165794   VPN C2S gets disconnected in 1500 appliances when the encryption domain is configured manually
sk165875   Check Point Response to CVE-2020-8597 (PPP buffer overflow vulnerability)
sk165895   /pfrm2.0 partition is full on Gaia Embedded device
sk165993   Cannot register a centrally managed (LSM) SMB Gateway to "Reach My Device" cloud service
sk166236   "Update failed. Could not connect to "". SSL peer certificate failed." error in security log when update fails
sk166319   HTTPS Inspection does not work for iOS13 and MacOS 10.15 on SMB appliances
sk166421   CloudGuard Edge for Cisco ENCS
sk166422   CloudGuard Edge for VMware VeloCloud
sk166437   A VPN user can't access the office PC with RDP
sk166453   Unable to connect SMB appliance with CloudGuard Connect when the appliance has dynamic IPs
sk166473   VPN user cannot access office PC with RDP after connecting to appliance and getting Office Mode IP
sk166498   Cannot access WebUI on allowed subnet
sk166513   CloudGuard Edge Known Limitations - R80.20.x
sk166552   All LAN ports/switches and their associated VLANs share the same MAC address in 700/900/1200R/1400/1500 SMB appliance
sk166653   ISL Light for Remote Support unable to connect to 1500 appliance, and as soon as you open the ISL app the fw-logfiles show "Application Control - HTTP parsing error occurred"
sk166717   Check Point R81 Known Limitations
sk166775   Reach My device cannot be registered in Japanese WebUI of 1500 appliances
sk166812   Unable to specify a submission port (TCP/587) inspection for SMTP on a 1500 appliance
sk166873   Slow throughput for Remote Access VPN users connected to Gaia Embedded appliances
sk166978   DHCP does not work when the DHCP server is behind the VPN peer on SMB appliances
sk166981   Captive Portal does not load on SMB devices
sk167015   DHCP fails to issue new IP addresses in SMB appliances
sk167034   Cannot find logs on SMP
sk167116   How to configure Site-to-Site VPN between two SMB Gateways using hostname
sk167133   VPN traffic is blocked by Application Control and URL Filtering on SMB Appliances
sk167199   How to disable username/password login for SSH on Embedded GAIA
sk167201   Logging stops on locally managed SMB appliances when the storage on microSD reaches 2.2 GB
sk167236   1500 / 1570R gateway blocking internal SNMP polling traffic when Firewall blade is in strict mode
sk167276   1590/1570R LTE Appliances: Important Procedures

sk167313   Speed tests do not show expected throughput on SMB appliances
sk167416   "sfw_mac_filtering_config: ioctl SFW_MAC_FILTERING failed" message when pushing policy on a 1500 device
sk167433   Surfing HTTP sites does not work on 1500 SMB appliances if more than one Internet connection is configured
sk167460   SSIDs of WLANs running 5 GHz take more time to appear in SMB appliances
sk167498   Netflow shows that all outbound traffic is from WAN IP only
sk167532   Connections through port forwarding or from VPN to 1500 are slow when SecureXL is enabled
sk167693   Various issues with emails and Outlook when using IMAPS or POP3S on SMB appliances
sk167717   Policy installation fails on SMB Gateway with "sfw_load: Failed to add CMI signatures" error
sk167752   CIFS/SMB connection over site-to-site VPN gets stuck when br0 is configured on a locally managed 1500 appliance
sk167852   When LSM Gateways are behind hide NAT (without port forwarding), connections initiated from the Management Server cannot reach the Gateways
sk167873   How to configure a VPN between SMP managed devices and SMS managed devices
sk167876   Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R80.20.05
sk168039   CloudGuard Edge for Aryaka

sk168061   Anti-Spam blade changes source IP when it reaches the internal SMTP server on 1500 and 1570R appliances
sk168072   1500 Series Uboot version 112 known issues
sk168173   Check Point SMS provider service isn't showing in R80.20.10 appliance's WebUI for VPN 2FA
sk168182   Cannot enable RADIUS on SMB via SmartProvisioning
sk168317   Guidelines for Cellular Cables and Antennas in 1500 Series LTE Products
sk168333   R80.20.15 for Small and Medium Business Appliances
sk168516   The implied rules for "remote access connections" are not matched on 1500 series devices
sk168613   Country flag mismatch for Geo Protection logs on 1500 SMB appliance

sk168632   HTTPS sites are uncategorized on SMB appliances running R77.20
sk168753   "Error has occurred while applying the Firewall settings (error 00351)" appears while applying the Firewall settings on 1500 SMB appliances
sk168797   Traffic incorrectly routes out of the wrong interface after updating SMB image with ISP redundancy configured
sk169036   Unable to delete a network object on a Centrally Managed SMB appliance
sk169766   Capsule VPN application allows Two Factor Authentication (2FA) only on 1500 Branch Office Appliances
sk169768   VoIP phones are dropped on any Firewall Policy modification
sk169872   Custom application group icon shows a lock icon even after the user deletes it from the Application signatures that require SSL inspection
sk170035   "No License" status in SMP license column even though licenses are valid and active
sk170155   SMB appliances report incorrect value for SNMP sysObjectID
sk170162   How to upgrade hardware from R77.20.87 to R80.20.15 or above
sk170203   After connecting to a 1500 appliance with Capsule VPN from an Android device, the Authentication Method changes to "VPN_Radius_2fa"
sk170393   IKEv2 fails to connect in SMB appliances, "IKE failure: Informational exchange: Exchange failed: timeout reached" message in logs
sk170573   R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix installation overwrites vpn_route.conf for managed 1500 appliances
sk170697   How to deploy a certificate to iOS for SSL inspection on a Locally Managed Gaia Embedded device
sk170778   On a 1590 WiFi + LTE SMB Appliance, the second LTE Network interface with a USB LTE dongle does not show up in the WebUI
sk170814   In some scenarios, upgrading the Security Gateway from R80.20.10 Build 1491 to a newer version via the SMP locks the sfwd process and disconnects the Security Gateway from the SMP
sk170930   "Installation failed. Reason: Failed load Policy on Security Gateway" error on SMB device with enabled IPS
sk171116    1500/1570R appliance is locked after SMP connection
sk171174    Marketing name for SMB Appliance 730 appears as 1430
sk171181    How to control a Gaia Embedded Security Gateway's global kernel parameters from the Security Management Server
sk171318    "Channel width" is blank on SMB 1500 Appliances
sk171332    Which SSH Encryption Protocols and Message Authentication Codes are supported in Gaia Embedded R80.20.x
sk171453    WatchTower Certificate failure

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You are welcome - i will add new SRs from time to time; replacing references will also happen for new firmware versions.

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Nice work, thanx! This should somehow be made sticky.


You are welcome - i will add new SRs from time to time; replacing references will also happen for new firmware versions.

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This was really helpful in solving my issue with redirection, you might want to add SK130034 Port forwarding to a server with custom port from a different LAN is not working

I ran into that SK after searching for the SK100471 and this one is more specific to my case, nonetheless found it through this great list!! 

Regards, Maarten

hi, I have a doubt regarding deploying SMB appliances through Zero Touch. We successfully run Zero Touch Orchestrated Rollout in our laboratory, but now we want to stablish a vpn between each SMB appliance (defined in demo-profile) and a central Gateway. Where do you define "vpn domain" in demo-profile? is there any variable that must be defined in
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I recommend starting a new thread in the SMB and SMP‌ space with this question.


I did, thank you Smiley Happy.

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