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Ryan_Ryan inside SD-WAN 2 weeks ago
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List of IP exit points for Cloud Capsule

Hi all, Is there any document that refers to all the possible public IP addresses of cloud capsule nodes?Our SIEM systems are alerting users moving between countries everytime they reconnect, we would like to whitelist all known IPs if there ...
Andreas_Aust2 inside SD-WAN 2 weeks ago
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When do we have VXLAN and SDWAN ?
inside SD-WAN 2019-03-10
views 1172 5 8

Early Availability Program for Network Security as a Service

CloudGuard Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) is Check Point’s new product and architecture for cloud-delivered security.Customers secure their branch offices and roaming users with Check Point’s latest Threat Prevention and Access Control, wit...
Kivanc_Harputlu inside SD-WAN 2019-03-09
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Capsule Cloud Policy Installation Failed

Hi All,I have a Copsule Cloud, And I am controlling from Central Mgmt in R80.10,When i install a policy i encounted with fail.How can i resolve this problem. Thanks..(AppiPolicyJson: Rule 2: Failed to recognize group.)
Dan_Roddy inside SD-WAN 2019-02-15
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Capsule Cloud Portal Entrust Certificate is revoked

Check CRL ResultCertificate issued by L1K with serial number 4630da99afeb50f40000000050e3e924 has been revoked.Revocation Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 8:24:51 PM +00:00Revocation Reason: Affiliation Changed
Dan_Roddy inside SD-WAN 2019-01-11
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Serious Capsule Cloud Problems

We have 2 significant problems with Capsule Cloud that seem to be new in the last 30 days.  The most concerning is only a few of our 120 users are being filtered by our Capsule Cloud policy.  I show logs from only 2 gateways in the US an...
Alexandre_Cipri inside SD-WAN 2018-06-28
views 3742 3 5

Capsule Cloud can't connect

My capsule can´t connect all the time they tell im inside office network, but i remove office network, i change user profile etc... did everything and still problem... someone got the same problem? 
Tadhg_Cashman inside SD-WAN 2017-10-22
views 658 5 2

Capusle Cloud Connection issue

Hello,I am trying to setup capsule cloud at the moment for use with a mobile device (iphone).We use an apn for our email connection and this is causing issues for me with capsule cloud. I just want the cloud to work on wifi which I have set. So wh...