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Marcos_Vieira1 inside SD-WAN Thursday
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Cloud Guard Edge VNF

Hi,     If I have understood it correctly, the CloudGuard Edge is a solution on which you can enable a CheckPoint instance inside a SD-WAN Appliance.      It is enabled through the VNF (Virtual Network Function).  I understand that this is a VM inside the SD-WAN Appliance.      Is this VNF an static machine, with pre-defined Memory, CPU and Disk Space? Or I can reconfigure it as necessary? Of course within the limits of the SD-WAN appliance.      In the presentation "sd-wan security.pdf" ( it says that the "minimum" required (page 16) is 1GB RAM, 1 "core", 1GB disk space. The license is based in the number of cores. It means I can change the VNF to user more resources and so guarantee more performance?      The datasheet talks only about the 520v and 840 models. Are these the only ones supported?Thanks,
salila inside SD-WAN 4 weeks ago
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Checkpoint Capsule Connection Failed

After upgrading to R80.20 users unable to connect to Checkpoint capsule,any suggestions why this is not working?
inside SD-WAN 2019-09-14
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SD-WAN Security Techtalk Video and Slides

On 4th September 2019, we did a TechTalk with @Tomer_Sole on Check Point's new security solutions for SD-WAN.We talked briefly about CloudGuard Edge for SD-WAN devices, but mostly discussed CloudGuard Connect, Cloud Network Security as a Service. Materials available to CheckMates members: Slides Full Video of session (excerpt is below) (view in My Videos)
Josh_Allen inside SD-WAN 2019-09-13
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Capsule Cloud on 80.30

Is there anyone successfully managing capsule cloud on 80.30? We are in the middle of migrating to managing it from 80.30 from our old 77.30 management server. I do have a case open with checkpoint and am continuing to peruse it, I just wanted to see if anyone else was having success.  Also is this product pretty much on the way out? I am seeing posts about Network Security as a Service being the future for mobile management in this area. Is any more effort being put into keeping capsule cloud a viable service? I see it is running on a 75.40 engine. 
inside SD-WAN 2019-09-06
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Check Point integration guides with SD-WAN vendors

Check Point integrates with all major SD-WAN vendors as part of Network Security as a Service.   Customers secure their branch offices and roaming users with Check Point’s latest Threat Prevention and Access Control, without the need to replace the site’s existing router or SD-WAN device.   Check out our official step-by-step guides with: Silver-Peak VeloCloud   Additional vendor-specific instructions are available inside our web-based management. Start a 30-day trial at Create a Site. Once the Site is ready, click Configure Your Router at the site card, or click its card and select Menu > View Instructions Select your choice of router or SD-WAN device and get step-by-step instructions for connecting it to Check Point's Network Security as a Service. These instructions contain the Check Point IPsec or GRE tunnels that were assigned to you.      
inside SD-WAN 2019-09-05
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TechTalk - SD-WAN Security

Join our next TechTalk on 4 September, 2019. In this session, we will discuss Check Point’s new solution for securing branch offices. Customers can get Check Point’s latest Threat Prevention and Access Control, without the need to replace the site’s existing router or SD-WAN device.   Registration Link Note: date changed
Stephen_Moreau inside SD-WAN 2019-08-10
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What is a reasonable 'Quality of service' with Capsule Connect

I am based in Ireland where there is a single Capsule Connect POP. Recently some of my clients (and myself as a user) are experiencing slowness and delays with Capsule Connect. Disconnecting the client immediately resolves the issue. When I look at the client and specifically at the 'Quality of service' value, it's showing around the 209 milliseconds mark. My immediate sense is that this is a large value but I need a point of reference. I have not paid attention to this pre-issue so cannot say if this is up on what it was previously. Can someone give me a steer here? What value is seen in other locales, especially ones with multiple POPs?ThanksSteve
Bipin inside SD-WAN 2019-07-23
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SD-WAN Roadmap

Hi,Does checkpoint have any roadmap for SD-WAN? Regards,Bipin 
Andreas_Aust2 inside SD-WAN 2019-07-05
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When do we have VXLAN and SDWAN ?
PAUL_SAMWAYS1 inside SD-WAN 2019-06-19
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What are CheckPoint doing about SD-WAN ? and are there any developments to having an SD-WAN solution available soon ?
inside SD-WAN 2019-05-16
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Early Availability Program for Network Security as a Service

Cloud Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) is Check Point’s new product and architecture for cloud-delivered security.   Customers secure their branch offices and roaming users with Check Point’s latest Threat Prevention and Access Control, without the need to replace the site’s existing router or SD-WAN device.   The web-based, cloud-native management for Cloud NSaaS enables you to connect your branch office within minutes.   Data sheet is attached.   Now in Early Availability, Check Point R&D and SE’s are actively onboarding customer production sites.   Join the Early Availability Program either by:   Creating a new account at Visiting Check Point Infinity Portal . If you currently use CloudGuard SaaS, click the new Menu icon, select to Try Network Security as a Service.
Vladimir inside SD-WAN 2019-04-28
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Capsule Cloud product status and future

Can anyone share the data on what is going on with Capsule Cloud? I am not very familiar with the product, but was asked about Check Point's cloud managed endpoint offerings and am looking at it now. From the It looks like last release was almost two years ago, that it is logging HTTPS when set not to and requires Java for SSO and integration with AD. Before I spend any more time on it, I'd like to hear if this is something that Check Point is intended to maintain and develop further or if it is a dead end product being eventually replaced by something else. Thank you, Vladimir
Ryan_Ryan inside SD-WAN 2019-04-09
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List of IP exit points for Cloud Capsule

Hi all, Is there any document that refers to all the possible public IP addresses of cloud capsule nodes?Our SIEM systems are alerting users moving between countries everytime they reconnect, we would like to whitelist all known IPs if there is a up to date list. 
Kivanc_Harputlu inside SD-WAN 2019-03-09
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Capsule Cloud Policy Installation Failed

Hi All,I have a Copsule Cloud, And I am controlling from Central Mgmt in R80.10,When i install a policy i encounted with fail.How can i resolve this problem. Thanks..(AppiPolicyJson: Rule 2: Failed to recognize group.)
Dan_Roddy inside SD-WAN 2019-02-15
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Capsule Cloud Portal Entrust Certificate is revoked

Check CRL ResultCertificate issued by L1K with serial number 4630da99afeb50f40000000050e3e924 has been revoked.Revocation Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 8:24:51 PM +00:00Revocation Reason: Affiliation Changed