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Connecting with Confidence: The Future of Networking Through SD-WAN! Video, Slides, and Q&A

Q&A to be provided below the video:


Will Check Point's SD-WAN include WAN acceleration at any point?

On the Roadmap

What about support for Maestro and VSX?

Not at present, but both are planned.

Does Quantum SDWAN support Open Servers?


Is it required to use Infinity Portal to manage SD-WAN functionality?

Yes. We are looking at options that do not require Infinity Portal for the roadmap.

What level of impact will SD-WAN blade have on utilization/performance on gateways currently deployed?

If NGTP/SNBT blades are already used, the impact should be minimal.

Is SD-WAN supported by DAIP Gateway?


When will SD-WAN be supported by SMB local managed gateways?

This is planned for R81.10.10 with a current ETA of end of year 2023.

Is there a limit on the number of vpn tunnels, being full mesh or hub-spoke?

250 at present and we are looking to expand this.

Why does Gaia OS require a Nano Agent to be deployed?

This agent was not included in the original Gaia OS release. It is also updated independently of the rest of Gaia. 

The cloud part of SD-WAN involves only the control-path and data-path i

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