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inside SCADA Solutions Sunday
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How an integrated Firewall on a PLC looks like

just wanted to share with you, so you will know how it is look like.   
Patrick_Tuttle1 inside SCADA Solutions Sunday
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Rugged appliance with full Gaia code?

Hello CheckMates; Anyone know if Check Point is planning on adding to the list of rugged appliances? The 1200R I believe is embedded Gaia ?-pat
inside SCADA Solutions Sunday
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BACnet Secure Connet

Hi  to you all SCADA experts, I want to share with you new details about the new Secured BACnet version enjoy and if you have any question, please feel free to contact me
Maciej_Maczka inside SCADA Solutions 2 weeks ago
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Hi Guys,Did you alredy test, deploy in prodution Claroty?Can you please share some information about this product, some hints, comments, opinion, screenshots etc?Best RegardsMMM
inside SCADA Solutions 2 weeks ago
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AAD App DB - Asset discovery using PLCS configuration files

Starting from AAD v3.0.0 we have expanded our asset discovery capabilities and added a new capability to discover and onboard asset into the system by parsing PLC configuration files. This mechanism extends the system’s asset inventory by includin...
inside SCADA Solutions 4 weeks ago
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Rockwell Automation industrial energy meter vulnerable to public exploits

On Feb-20-2019 the US ICS-CERT released an advisory concerning a high critical vulnerability concerning Rockwell automation energy meters.Rockwell Automation is currently working on mitigations and reports that CheckPoint Software Technologies has...
inside SCADA Solutions ‎01-30-2019 01:05:39 AM
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inside SCADA Solutions ‎01-27-2019 10:17:15 PM
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Protect ICS/SCADA Network Whitepaper

Hi to you all SCADA Gurus,I want to share with you the new ICS/SCADA white paperenjoy
inside SCADA Solutions ‎01-13-2019 05:38:31 AM
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How to protect IPCs in the field of Industrial Automation

Siemens recently released the attached reports, providing how-to improve security settings of the IPCs, used for controlling machines and plants.It is interesting to see the efforts by "a global OEM" to educate it customers how-to improv...
inside SCADA Solutions ‎12-23-2018 10:02:57 AM
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UK Government Regulatory guidelines for IOT connected devices

As we connect more devices in our homes and industrial facilities to the internet, products and appliances that have traditionally been offline are now becoming part of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). The IoT represents a new chapter of how techno...
inside SCADA Solutions ‎12-03-2018 05:06:42 AM
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Interagency Report on the Status of International Cybersecurity Standardization for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Hi CheckmatesI would like to share with you the recently released NIST report concerning IoT Cybersecurity. I find extremely interesting the information related to smart buildings and manufacturing, which are directly related to ICSenjoyShlomi
inside SCADA Solutions ‎11-20-2018 10:19:10 AM
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How to detect or prevent SCADA protocol commands activity on specific time or date

Hi Everyone,Time determined activities in ICS network are common in use. An anomaly can be devastating and as a result might be a threat to the ICS network. Even a simple fuzzing attack can trigger a time determined activity, harming the ICS netwo...
inside SCADA Solutions ‎11-20-2018 05:25:30 AM
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ICYMI, see the new ICS Security User Guide

ICS Enforcement Using Application ControlCheck Point's ICS/SCADA cyber security solutions provide advanced Threat Prevention to ensure vital systems such as power generation facilities, traffic control systems, water treatment systems and factorie...
inside SCADA Solutions ‎11-17-2018 09:54:31 PM
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New SCADA IPS Signatures

During the past week, we have released 3 protections for Rockwell automation vulnerabilities: November 11th: :Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley L30ERMS Denial Of Service (CVE-2017-9312) ---