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Quantum SASE TechTalk December 2023: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides will be added soon.
An edited Q&A will appear below the video.

Can Branch office connections be made for Site-to-Site VPN without a physical device at the location? (Example creating an IPSec tunnel with a Cisco Meraki Device)

Yes, we do support IPsec, Wireguard and OpenVPN to allow connectivity with any device.

Are you planning to integrate Perimeter 81 agent with Harmony Endpoint agent? Like a single agent for all?

This is indeed an option which we are evaluating. There are no short term plans to do so but consolidation is key.

Will current Harmony Connect licenses be transferred to Quantum SASE?

While it is possible to transition, this will not happen automatically. Please contact your local Check Point office for more information.

Is Quantum SASE thinking about doing any blocking to include country so you could add a country to a block instead of adding multiple IPs to cover the country?

We support geo blocking in our agentless solution, more policy enhancements are on the roadmap.

Just curious, is this solution able to replace say vpn blade on the firewall or is it more related to old school snx extender (clien

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