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checkpoint VPN .pkg macOS intune deployment

I was wondering has anybody deployed E86.20 Endpoint Security VPN Clients for macOS from intune?

The problem that I face is as follows:

First I tried to deploy this app as .dmg file, but it failed, the reason probably because in the .dmg file, that checkpoint provides, there are 2 apps (VPN and FW) so that did not work.

Second I got the .pgk file and tried to deploy it with macOS line-of-business app in intune. This failed with an error The app state is unknown (0x87D13B67). 
As far as I searched I have an idea what is the problem, as per microsofts documentation ( macOS line-of-business app .pkg info file  needs 2 things CFBundleShortVersionString which the cp vpn .pkg file has and install-location="/Applications", cp vpn .pkg has the install-location value but it points to install-location="/" not install-location="/Applications" so in my opinion that may be the problem.

So I was wondering dose any one have experienced this problem and maybe some tips or workarounds to get this deployment working.

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Did you walk through the MDM deployment guide already?

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E86.30 specifically introduced inTune support as I recall e.g.

Intune MDM: a popular Microsoft MDM. Its support entails the tiny agent, which can generate a special script that should be uploaded to Intune.

Are you following a guide to attempt the deployment?

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